Two’s a Crowd: Ritz Card Replaced by SPG Lux


You Will NEVER See This Again

In the end there can only be one! As of today you cannot apply for the Ritz Card from Chase. As I reported in my previous post, Chase and AmEx agreed to split up the duty of the new SPGMarriottRitzCarlton (Stariott Rewards) points system by having Chase offer all the normie basic bitch card (Marriott Premier Plus) and AmEx would only offer the high end product (SPG Luxury card). I am still not sure about the end game of the SPG Biz and Personal SPG cards, it could have the same fate as the Ritz by 18 August 2018 when the merger is complete.

I guess Chase was true to their word by killing off the chance to apply for the Ritz Card today. I am planning on AmEx doing the same since they got rid of the referral bonuses for all their SPG products months ago. We should have seen this coming after giving the Ritz Card new perks to existing card holders to make it equable to the SPG Luxury. Not sure if you are able to product change a Marriott Card to a Ritz card, which would be awesome.

So good for you readers out there that got the Ritz card before today’s shutdown! Bonus points for those that saw this coming and downgraded their non MLA covered card to a Marriott card, and gotten a new Ritz card covered under MLA. That is the gift you get for being a reader and a doer. Always taking action as these offers don’t last very long!

I am still hopeful for a back door upgrade from the Marriott, but honestly don’t have FOMO on this one because the two cards are exactly the same. Both the New SPG Lux and Ritz earn 6x Marriott, 3x dining, 3x airlines, 2x everything else. Both get $300 (Ritz on flight amenities, vice SPG on Marriott hotels), both cards also get one free 50k night every year. The only plus is the Ritz is solid metal, comes with 3 club level upgrades, both have PriorityPass but the Ritz has unlimited guests, and Ritz also has the benefit of $100 off any pair of domestic tickets with Visa Flight Discount.

It would be nice to have both, but honestly it’s no big deal since you were not enticed to get the Ritz in the first place.

Now for those that thought churning and this site were a waste of time, add this most recent closure to the 0% APR on a $10k loan with the Gold Lux Card I reported 3 years ago. Who needs free $1,000 anyways? You are always bragging on how great your Facebook and Bitcoin are doing:

Who needs free hotel stays and money and flight and hotel credits when you have a yacht, amirite?


5 thoughts on “Two’s a Crowd: Ritz Card Replaced by SPG Lux

  1. Andrew says:

    I wonder if the new Amex Marriott card will give a free night upon sign up like the Hilton aspire did despite it saying it is upon account renewal after 1 year

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Yeah, I guess we will find out next week. Looking back, the Hilton Aspire rollout in February 2018 was a mess. No one really knew if the free night was right away, and we got tons of emails on it. The free night eventually showed up but after a few months. I didn’t even get my referral points till last week, and they sent me a $100 check for the delay!

      • RWHR says:

        I just got my Hilton referral bonuses as well, after the 5 month delay. They didn’t send me $100 bucks though. Did you request that or did they do it without asking?! Thanks

  2. Andrew says:

    I used my hilton free night at the conrad in NYC…pretty decent redemption given the free pet policy too

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