Possible AmEx Upgrade Shutdown? No!

UPDATE: Alex got to upgrade his Biz Gold to Biz Plat with the good old HUCA method. He writes:

Just called a second time and that csr was able to upgrade my card. Your advice about hanging up and dialing second time actually worked.

Reder Alex asks:

Hi Derp, do you know about any changes to upgrade procedures of business cards? I have business gold that I had for 15 months and I just called to amex but wasn’t able to upgrade the card. The lady tried to upgrade the card but it won’t let her do it. After she spoke with supervisor she told me that no more upgrades are allowed to platinum cards. Have you heard about it or maybe have experience working it out?

I upgraded my Business gold to a Business Platinum some time in 2016 by simply calling in and asking. A cursory search on google comes up empty on reports of this shutdown, but an article on Ask Sebby verifies this procedure. I was getting worried myself so I went ahead and asked about upgrading my Green to a Platinum at the one year mark in October 2018. I got this response:

I will certainly publish my datapoint this October, in the mean time I need some information from you all. We just need a depository of data points to see what changes work. If you have any recent experience in product changing any AmEx product, please comment below! State the time you had the account open, what product you turned into what, and how you contacted AmEx to get the upgrade.


5 thoughts on “Possible AmEx Upgrade Shutdown? No!

  1. Jae H Chung says:

    Derp, just PC’ed from AMEX Gold to PLAT and Delta Plat to Reserve 4 days ago. I called and spoke with the CSR and was changed within minutes.

    • Scott says:

      did you already have an amex platinum on file? I’m trying to figure out if I already have the Amex Platinum and Amex Plat MB on file, would they upgrade my PRG gold to platinum as well if I call? Or will they say I already have 2 platinums and possibly risk inquiry into the account?

      Love the site, and appreciate any help you can give!

      • uiucderp2011 says:

        They will always update upon calling, it’s just you won’t be offered an upgrade on the website from gold if you already have a Plat on the same log in.

        • Dave says:

          I’ve got to think that if you call in and ask for a plat upgrade while already having X plat cards that they would take a second look at your account or something.

          • uiucderp2011 says:

            Oh they definitely ask! I just explained to them I like to use multiple cards for budget purposes!

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