OPEN Lounge Has CLOSED at Chicago’s McCormick Place!

Closed as of June 2018

I was hoping to check out the little slice of heaven that was the AmEx OPEN lounge at Chicago’s McCormick Place durning the TradersEXPO this weekend only to be given the news that the lounge has closed as of June 2018. I sent an email to the rep to see if it would be open and I got this response:

Hi Derp,

This is Bradley Bean responding on Andrea’s behalf as I now receive her emails. Unfortunately, the American Express Business Lounge at McCormick Place is no longer open as of June 2018.

We greatly appreciate you stopping by over the years and hope you enjoyed your experiences at the Lounge. The Lounges at the Las Vegas Convention Center and Javits Center in NYC are still open, so keep an eye out for us if you’re ever at a show at one of those locations.



Oh I will miss your tiny bagged snacks and super thick plastic cups!

I guess I will just have to head on over to the Greater NY Dental Meeting in November to get my fix!


3 thoughts on “OPEN Lounge Has CLOSED at Chicago’s McCormick Place!

  1. steve c says:

    Sort off of topic, but do you have any intel on whether SCRA will be applied to the new chase southwest priority card?

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      I’m already on it! I got a new LT (0/24 clean) to get it last week whe it was first offered. Datapoint and referral link forthcoming!

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