$50 Saks 5th: How To Fix the Multiple Platinum Problem

If you are having trouble adding the Saks 5th deal to more than one AmEx Personal Platinum card you may need to make a new account for each card. I have multiple Platinums because I got one by applying for it, and the other Platinum I got when I did a product change from a PRG after one year. I did not have any problem adding The Saks credit to the Platinums that are branded to MS, CS, MB, Ameriprise, or GS.

When I tried to add the second card it kept on switching back to my other card and posting an error. However when I split up the Pt cards to a new account I was able to add the deal. Here is the go by:

Log in to AmEx and click Card Management, then remove card from online management:

Next find the card that used to be your PRG, Gold or Green card, and remove it form your account:

Then log out and create a new account:

You should be able to make a new log in for your second Platinum card as well as add the Saks offer.


11 thoughts on “$50 Saks 5th: How To Fix the Multiple Platinum Problem

  1. Dan says:

    Alternatively, the rep I talked to on chat this evening said that starting 1 July the amex reps will have the ability to enroll a card manually on their side (currently only the customer can). I’m going to wait until that option fails before going through the hassle you have outlined above. Between my wife and I we are up to 18 personal and 2 biz platinums. Lol.

  2. uiucderp2011 says:

    Wow! You got me beat! We have 13 personal and 3 busisness. I have gone PRG to Pt, then Ameriprise Gold to Pt, then green to Pt. What routes did you take?

    • Dan says:

      For both me and my spouse:

      Regular Plat
      PRG -> Plat
      Schwab Plat
      Ameriprise Plat
      Ameriprise Gold -> Plat
      MB Plat
      Morgan Stanley Plat (most recent addition via unfunded access investor account)
      Green -> Plat
      Gold -> Plat
      Biz Plat
      and finally, later this year I will have do Biz Gold -> Biz Plat

      The whole process has taken around 3 years.

  3. Joe says:

    Great! can cards be stacked at the register? IE 3 PLATs, get $150 worth of stuff, and pay with all 3 at the register?

  4. Dave says:

    Can you stack card payments for one purchase? For example: See $200 overpriced designer item, pay for item in $50 increments with 4 diff plat cards?

  5. Andrew says:

    Works for multiple cards online now without having to make multiple accounts

    • RWHR says:

      I have two regular platinums and still wasn’t able to register both online. It would always kick me back to the first one after clicking “get started”.

      I just did the online chat thing though and that worked. I got an email confirming my registration with the online chat method but whats weird is I didn’t receive an emails when i just did the online (w/o chat) for my MB, Schwab variants a few days ago…but they said they are enrolled online.

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  7. w says:

    I am getting to this Saks offer late. I have a regular Plat and a Schwab Plat. I was able to add Saks offer to both cards that are on one login.

    On the subject of upgrading, I want to apply for a couple other co-brand Plats before I look to upgrade a few cards. Can anyone tell me if I need to move my PRG, Business Gold Rewards and Ameriprise Gold to other logins? And will: (1) PRG upgrade to a regular Plat? (2) Business Gold Rewards upgrade to become a Business Plat? and (3) Ameriprise Gold upgrade to become an Ameriprise Platinum?

    Thanks for your time.

  8. uiucderp2011 says:

    I had to only split my vanilla platinums (Green, PRG, and Straight Platinum)

    (1) PRG upgrade to a regular Plat? Yes, but don’t forget to spend the $100 first then upgrade to plat for the $200 on Airlines as a plat

    (2) Business Gold Rewards upgrade to become a Business Plat? Yes!

    (3) Ameriprise Gold upgrade to become an Ameriprise Platinum? I will find out next year!

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