100,000 Hilton Honors Points To Quit The Armed Forces

Thanks to Davey for the tip! This post is terribly sarcastic, so please don’t send me any hate mail:

Right now Hilton is enticing service-members to leave the military with a 100,000 point bonus to be used in search of a normal people job. More details here at the points guy. I for one love this beautiful nation and serving its military. I would never ever think about quitting active duty (unless of course I made O-6, done 26 years, had my loans forgiven, and got that sweet pension with a 5% TSP match for 22 years). I also enjoy the AmEx annual fee waiver on these two AmEx products:

Use my link here to apply for the Hilton Honors Ascend.

Use my link here for the Hilton Honors Aspire.

If you stay in the military you would get the SCRA waiver for annual fees on both cards on top of 175,000 points. The Aspire would give you a free night every year including the first one on top of a $250 airline credit, and $250 Hilton resort credit. Totally worth it to stay in right?

If you do get out, it’s worth looking into this program to help seek employment and take advantage of the 100k HHonors points!

Happy 4th!



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