Starting Sunday: Another $100 Credit For AmEx Platinum

AmEx now pays AD members $700 every year in credits. That is with your waived $550 annual fee per the SCRA, you are earning $200 in Uber(Eats), $200 in Airline Incidentals, $100 in global entry, $100 MB Accessory Certificate (Mercedes Card Only), and now $100 towards random over priced shit at Saks!

get $50 off your $28,000 purse starting Sunday 01 July 2018

Starting this Sunday 01 July 2018 you will get a $50 credit to use at Saks Fifth Ave between July and Dec every year; according to this r/churning post and DoC. Log in to your account here and add the benefit to each one of your Personal Platinum Cards (Business Card does not count). If you don’t have the card, use my links below to get your $550 annual fee waived AmEx Personal Platinum Card for Military:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

The payout is one $50 credit to spend from January to June (starting 2019), and another $50 for July through Dec for each card. This is every year for every personal platinum card (MB, Schwab, Morgan Stanley, Ameriprise, Goldman too). For our family we have: 2 Personal Platinums, 2 More upgraded from the PRG, 2 MB Platinums, 2 Morgan Stanley, 2 Charles Schwab, and one Ameriprise Platinum for a grand total of 11 cards worth $1,100 per year at Saks 5th Ave. I plan on upgrading my Green and Ameriprise Gold to two more personal Platinums. I am planning on getting $50 gift cards in store (although the terms outright say it can’t be used for it), (seems like e-gift cards start at $150). This would allow me to split up the charge over 13 cards covering the two payout periods. The combined 26 x $50 gift cards would be good for $1,300 towards a single pair of Gucci boots for my type 3 NWUs:

Just kidding, I think I could do 13 trips to Saks twice a year and buy $50 keto treats each time:

You can also use the credit online, and $50 goes a pretty long way on sale items:

If you go the online route, make sure you stack it with Ebates to get another 4% off also use your shop runner for free 2 day shipping and returns. More info this Sunday when I bring 11 AmEx Platnum cards to go shopping at Saks downtown Chicago!


7 thoughts on “Starting Sunday: Another $100 Credit For AmEx Platinum

  1. Michael says:

    Do you think this will work on Saks Off 5th as well?

  2. RWHR says:

    I have two regular platinums, a MB platinum, and Schwab. I was able to register one of the normal platinums and both the MB and schwab but it won’t let me register my second platinum, it keeps switching the screen to my other platinum that is already registered for the promotion. Anybody else having this problem? Thanks

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      easy fix! Just drop one platinum from management and create a new log in for the second platinum. Works just fine!

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  4. uiucderp2011 says:

    I am having the exact same problem right now! I am going to use the chat option to manually add it!

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