DerpReport Turns Three!

This 05 May 2018 marks 1096 days or 3 solid years after writing my first DerpReport post. Many thanks to you, the loyal reader, in the reading of the blog, and the helpful feedback. The site would not be possible without you, nor would I have been doing it for so long if there was no demand for it. Your comments and data points keep this site going, and your dedication to report on your own experiences make the site very personal to the unique active duty credit card churning population.

I really would not have been motivated to do this without my dear wife with her many credit cards with sticky notes of instruction in her purse. Thanks babe for playing along with the spend category maximization game! The greatest support is to being there with me on the redemption side of our points. Our wacky trips to far flung places for free have kept this hobby going.

In the spirit of a 3 year anniversary lets look back at my greatest hits and misses in the last three years:


  1. Earning 150% of Miles and Segments Via ANA Experience Japan Fares
  2. Star Alliance Lounge Access with SCRA (or MLA) waived United Club Card
  3. Brining Your Own Unlocked Phone to Japan to use on AU or SoftBank
  4. Living at the Park Hyatt Tokyo like Mr. Bob San for Free
  5. Ritz Kyoto Stay For Free
  6. $995 Waived Annual Fee For Gold Luxury Card
  7. Viewing Cherry Blossoms and Ferraris From The Tokyo Ritz
  8. Hilton Diamond via Back Matching
  9. Rick Barry Is A Model of Indexing
  10. Chase Private Client Is A Fucking Joke
  11. AmEx and MPX Means Free Leather Shoes (Shutdown)
  12. Exploiting Super Subsidized EAS Routes 
  13. BRS As Premature Separation Insurance
  14. Brad Wilson Churn With Gold Krugerrands
  15. Uber Eats Works for AmEx $200 Yearly Credit
  16. US Bank Altitude Card Is Well Worth It (Now MLA Waived)
  17. Easy French Laundry Reservations With AmEx Platinum
  18. Hyatt Family Rate Means 2 Rooms Cheap


  1. Premature Prediction That 5/24 Will Kill Churning
  2. Movements of $5,000 in Cash Will Get You Shut Down
  3. AmEx Tier One Super Card To Crush CSR
  4. ZERO Debit Card Will Be Real
  5. Green AmEx Everyday Cash Card is Real
  6. We Broke Barclay Gold
  7. Air Berlin Goes the Way of East Germany

What are all your memories from the before time of DerpReport?


4 thoughts on “DerpReport Turns Three!

  1. Andrew says:

    Thanks for what you do!

  2. Ryan says:

    Derp, just stumbled across your blog and am glad I found it! I’m late to the churn game and eager to get on board. I must be living under a rock because I had no idea about the gamechanging MLA rules for Chase. Currently have AMEX plat and Southwest and just applied for CSR. Any recommendations for what to get next? Willing to use your referral for whatever you have. I’m thinking:

    1) Marriott (100k bonus)
    2) Hilton Aspire (100k bonus)
    3) Ritz
    4) United Club
    5) ??

    Open to suggestions.


    • uiucderp2011 says:


      You are not late at all, in fact you arrived in the golden time for the Chase Churn! Being 3/24 allows you unique opportunities that are not possible for the rest of us. Just make sure you use other people’s referral links. If you had hit me up I could of sent you my CSR link. You have the right idea though, I would hit United and Marriott hard, so United Chase for lounge access and then United Explorer for more points. Hold off on the Ritz until you are past 5/24. Def hit up the new Marriott plus (i will have a link when I upgrade my card) for the free night (but under 5/24), and then Don’t forget the freedom cards for some transferable spend!

      I wish i had a freedom link to share here, if you got one please post!

      Once you are over 5/24 i would hit up such products as their Hyatt card (i have a link for this), and both amex Hilton products (I got two links for the Aspire and ascend)

      And for the more advanced level stuff hit biz AmEx platinum for 35% points back on your flight redemptions (i got a link for that too)


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