Groundlink Glitch Fixed (For New Cards)

I wrote about the $20 bonus for Visa Signature and a $30 bonus for having a Visa Infinite card for adding my Visa cards to Groundlink in this post. Unfortunately I got super greedy by adding ALL of my Visa Signature and Infinite cards for $300 in credit. I never got to use the credits, and they shut my account down like the rest of us greedy bastards! After 4 months of emails, they reopened my account recently minus all my credit. I went in today and added my new Visa Infinite Ritz card and got $30 off my airport ride this morning.

I used it in conjunction with E-Bates and got 1.5% Cash Back on top of all that! When I added the Ritz card I got the email, and when I booked an economy car they sent a GMC Yukon XL!

More room than I could ever use!

Then I got my sweet 1.5% on Ebates:

Here is how I did it:

  1. Sign up for ground link here
  2. Sign up for Ebates here
  3. Add your Visa Card (infinite) here or here (Signature)
  4. Book one trip for that day only, do not add all you cards or you will get shut down!
  5. Repeat with every trip with another Visa Infinite or Signature card

The original idea came from here and the shut down discussion is here. Here were all of my cards from last run, I am going to add them each again, and just take the ride immediately to prevent another shutdown:

Don’t get too greedy! or you might get this email like some other people who added all their cards at once:

Dear GroundLink account holder,

While conducting an Audit of our promotional programs it has come to our attention that your Visa Infinite or Signature card has been submitted multiple times to receive multiple credits. Under our terms of service it states:

· Upon card validation, U.S. Visa Infinite or Signature cardholders get one promotional credit that can be applied toward a GroundLink reservation booked with that card. Limit 1 promotional credit per card.

For this reason, we have adjusted your accounts to reflect the correct number of credits. If you have any questions please email .

GroundLink Team

Update: I tried to add an old card where I had gotten the credit before and it gave me this:

However I NEVER GOT TO USE THIS CREDIT! I reached out to GroundLink and they have yet to fix it!




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