MLA for BoA: Denied AF waiver for O-6 Reader

An O-6 from Jacksonville just called in to report that despite his best efforts with Bank of America. He was unable to get MLA protections to get his $75 annual fee waived. I logged into my account and did not see a new annual fee charge, but the charge back in Nov 2017 was reimbursed.

I suggest we proceed with caution here with any BoA products till more datapoints come in. As of opening his card in January 2018 he did all the paperwork I did but was unable to get the $75 back. Report back below for those out there that denied!


4 thoughts on “MLA for BoA: Denied AF waiver for O-6 Reader

  1. Andres says:

    Did your friend get the card after September? That’s when the MLA came into effect.

  2. Jim says:

    Applied for Premium Rewards card and got MLA applied to account. AF was NOT waived despite this.

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