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Thanks to an O-5 Okinawa reader that alerted me to the new Iberia Avios product from Chase:

There is already a lot written out here, but I just wanted to document two excellent datapoints for active duty here. The O-5 applied 17 March 2018 and was instantly approved despite being well over 5/24. I applied today 20 March 2018 and I was instantly approved as well despite having an incredible 24 new cards in 24 months! I assume the $95 annual fee will be waived per the MLA as all of Chase cards opened by active duty after September 2017. I will post this info here once I find out myself.

Count all my 24 accounts and weep! There was an hard pull on my credit for this product.

Despite my staggering collection I got approved in 30 seconds:

I am sitting on two Avios cards now: Chase British Airways as well as Chase Iberia. BA and Iberia are both airlines which I never have flown on, but use their Avios points system hard. I got the cards for the bonus and use it exclusively on Domestic American Airlines flights as you can get round trip flights including all connections based all on distance! The redemption chart is here:

12K Avios can get you a 600 to 1,000 mile flight round trip (including all segments) which is much cheaper than the 15,000 same Avios via British Airways per segment. You can also transfer points from British airways Avios, Membership Rewards, and Ultimate Rewards. If you hit both cards up you can get 150,000 Avios worth 12.5 round trip flights. The best overview article is over here at frequent miler. A handy map of airports in the 1,000 mile radius from ORD is right here:

I will report soon on the MLA waiver on this card as well as redeeming my first flight.


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  1. Dan says:

    Word of caution: Chase has recently been shutting down accounts of people with lots of recent inquiries and new accounts. For that reason I think I may hold off on this offer.


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