Reanimation of Closed AmEx Cards

I have had a rough time with AmEx lately. The first lied to me about the waiver of the 5th card rule. I ended up closing my Ascend/Surpass to get the Aspire. Then I wrote about my woes regarding closing my Hilton Surpass Card instead of my Delta Gold card since the Delta gold was useless other than for referrals only. I then got this email from reader Dan:

hey, just fyi   i was able to reopen a basic hilton card a week after closing it, once i realized i closed an opportunity for a second aspire.  it actually worked out perfectly, i just chatted with them online, they approved the reopen, sent me a new card, then after receiving it i chatted again and they upgraded to aspire  with original military benefits intact. so as of now i have 2 aspires and my wife has 1.     i read online somewhere that you might be able to reopen an account up to 30-60 days after closing it

I am happy for Dan being able to get essentially 2 Aspire cards with fee waiver and $500 in Hilton Resort hotel credit (good for the Tropicana LV room rate) as well as $500 for airline gift cards. However I am sad to report I was unsuccessful in bringing my Hilton Ascend (Surpass) back to life. I asked online and over the phone and both times sounded promising. They asked me to close another card in order to reopen the Hilton Aspire. I chose the Gold Delta which they immediately closed, but in the end they cited the bullshit reason was that the credit limit had been set to $0. My ascend card was to remain dead, and I had an empty slot open! I think they are on to me and my double dipping. They asked me kindly to reapply, but instead I will upgrade my wife’s Aspire to an Ascend, and I went ahead and applied for this because I was getting tired of the Hilton Points game:

Use my link here if you want to get the Delta Platinum. In the mean time use Davey Nelson’s link here if you are still interested in the Aspire!


5 thoughts on “Reanimation of Closed AmEx Cards

  1. Clay says:

    Do you have your email address posted anywhere on the site? Sorry if I’ve missed it.

  2. RWHR says:

    I had always wondered what the max AMEX cards i could have was, so from your experience, is this the newest rule on how many AMEX cards you can have??
    A.) Unlimited charge cards (e.g. platinum’s)
    B.) Only 5 credit cards (e.g. blue cash everyday, Hilton Aspire)


    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Here is my count:

      10 Charge Cards: MB Personal Platinum (soon to be regular platinum), Amerprise Personal Platinum, Schwab Personal Plat, Morgan Stanley Personal Platinum, AmEx Personal Plat, AmEx Gold Ameriprise, AmEx Green, Amex PRG converted to Platinum, 2 AmEx Biz Plat.

      5 Credit Cards: Delta Reserve, Delta Platinum, Hilton Aspire, Blue Cash, SPG Busisness

      The only hard limit is 5 Credit Cards inclusive of Business and Personal. No apparent limit on Charge Cards!

  3. Michael Vazana says:

    I just applied and instant approval for the Ameriprise Platinum a week after approved for the Hilton Aspire. Do you think AMEX will ever pull a Barclaycard and start charging fees for us? I am on my 4th Platinum card, Aspire, Blue Cash Preferred and SPG. That would hurt.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      I hope not, but with the MLA we have Citi and Chase allowing us multiple Marriott and Cards so the game will just be shifted!

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