Guest Post: AmEx Gold & Green to Platinum

Reader Dan just sent me an email reporting another benefit of separating you accounts to separate logins. Full disclosure: I have all of my accounts under a single log in, and when I add a AmEx deal to one card it takes it away from other cards. This was not apparent to me until I read this Frequent Miler article here. Also O-5 reader from Pensacola reiterated the benefits of separate accounts over the phone. As long as you have a log in that contains both an AmEx Platinum, and the Hilton Aspire it might be worth it to make new log in accounts for each card you plan to upgrade in 12 months. Reader Dan reports below:

Just successfully upgraded both my AmEx Personal green and Gold Cards each to a platinum card (12 months after opening them) via online, bringing my total amex plat cards to now 8.  In order to easily upgrade them, you need to remove the green/gold card from your main amex login (with all ur other cards incl platinums) and create a separate amex login account (without a registered platinum card), then just go to the amex cards product page and it should have the option “request an upgrade” under the platinum card.

Here’s my current list:
platinum (regular)
platinum (green upgrade)
platinum (gold upgrade)
platinum (PRG upgrade)
platinum (schwab)
platinum (ameriprise)
platinum (MB)
platinum (business)
Thank you Dan for the information! You are an inspiration to other readers out there that find such obscure but useful things. I urge any of you to post a comment for a guest post some time, especially when I go into study mode for the GRE for the next few months.

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