Ebates, Wyndham, and Founder’s Card Triple Stack Mattress Run

The most overlooked hotel award program is Wyndham which gives any night at their hotel for 15,000 points a night. The points are super easy to earn by taking advantage of bonus events throughout the years.

For this triple stack to work you need the Barclay’s Annual Fee Wyndham Card. (Referral link here)

You also need a Ebates account. (referral link here)

Finally you need a founders card account. (referral link here)

I earned 60k points by getting the annual fee Barclay Wyndham card and paying the annual fee. Barclay doesn’t wave fees for military ever since we broke them with the $995 Gold Luxury card that we had essentially used as a 0% APR $10,000 loan. I have since tried to scrap the card for its residual gold plate, but not even the scrap yard says it is worth it. I pay the annual fee because the card comes with a free night on renewal which is worth ore than the annual fee.

Right now Wyndham is offering 15,000 points with two stays at any of their properties including HoJo’s:

What is nice is most of their hotels offer a military rate of less than $60 a night. For example the one Wyndham by Great Lakes Naval Base can be had for $55 a night at the military rate:So for two nights it cost me $109.94 to get 15k points. I can use 15k points for a “go free plus” to book anywhere including downtown Chicago Wyndham River Front for 15k points:

Now you may see that spending $110 for a $174.93 hotel is not much of a savings, however the room comes with an Viator experience tailored to each hotel (use my link here for $10) if you are a diamond member of Wyndham and use points to book. I was able to get the diamond status with Ceasar’s Total Rewards and then match it to Wyndham as a benefit of my founders card membership. Examples of experiences are shown here. For the Chicago location they offered me two tickets to a prohibition tour worth $90:

Total value of a diamond member redeeming 15k points for a Wyndham room is $264.93 which is a $90 tour and a $174.93 room. We spent $110 on two nights at a chepo Days Inn to trigger the 15k bonus, but I didn’t mention that Wyndham is on Ebates which we get 2.5% cashback for the Wyndham hotel booking. We also get points for the stay:

With charging the Days Inn to the Wyndham card you get 5 points per $1 spent on Wyndham Hotel stays, that means 549.7 points from spend and then the base earn per night is 1,000 points with go get ’em! if we subtract the 2.5% cashback from Ebates we get 2,476 points from the spend and stay + 15,000 bonus =17,476 points for $107.1915 ($109.94 minus 2.5%). This makes 162 points per dollar spent while we get $264.93 in value for 15k points or 1.7 cents for 1 point spent!

Each point cost me .6 cents to earn, but I got 1.7 cents in value per point. So each dollar spent using this stack resulted in $2.74 in value received. Pretty good return on investment, and you don’t even have to stay the night, just check in the the Day’s Inn and then check out in a technique known as a mattress run.




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