Hilton Aspire and Ascend Referral Links are Now Up

The Hilton Surpass was replaced by two new products called Aspire and Ascend. Lots of info here on ask Sebby. The new offer of 100k HHonors points for $3,000 spend. For those who had the surpass, you can’t get the ascend offer since they are counting the ascend as a surpass. I for one kept my surpass and am hoping for an upgrade offer to the Aspire.

The aspire gives a free annual night, also $250 in Hilton Resort Credit and another $250 in airline credit much like the AmEx Platinum (can be used for some gift cards). Use my link here. I wrote an article here on my whole experience.

Use the link here for the ascend. Pretty much exactly the same features as the surpass along with no foreign transaction fees.


6 thoughts on “Hilton Aspire and Ascend Referral Links are Now Up

  1. Jae Chung says:

    Derp, just used your link and was approved for the Aspire. Paying it forward buddy. 🙂

  2. RWHR says:

    I’ve referred three friends for this card. Two back in January and still have not received the 25k referral bonus. Is it just me or has anyone else received the referral bonus yet? Thanks!

    • RWHR says:

      I mean February. I think the referral links came out around mid February so its been about 6+ weeks since they signed up the first day the links came out.

  3. unclebuckme says:

    We just finished the minimum spend on my wife’s new Aspire. The points arrived and so did a weekend night certificate. I have no idea how that happened. Any ideas?

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      that is expected, the free weekend night comes right away on opening as well as every year for the Hilton card. No word on SPG Lux

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