3 United Updates

1) Orders Required for United Club Access

As of 01 February 2018 United Clubs require you to bring printed travel order to access United Clubs when flying on their airlines. This was reported by reader Howie who has previously reported on the Centurion Lounge in Sweden. He reported being asked for orders in SAN and IAD this last week. From the United Club website:

United Club℠ invitation

We are pleased to invite active duty military members in uniform or with present leave orders or rest and recuperation papers to visit our United Club locations on the same day they are traveling on a United- or United Express®-operated flight. Please present your military ID, your boarding pass and sponsoring documentation for entry. Access is available to active duty military members and family members with gate passes or traveling on the same flight as the military member and is subject to each location’s capacity and seating availability. For more information about our United Club locations, please see the Club and Lounge Access page.

I guess the rule has always been there, but they are enforcing it to the letter from now on. On the Club Access website we have this:

Make sure you carry your orders from NSIPS, or TAD orders from DTS if you want access to the Club.  I for one recommend getting your spouse or yourself the United Club card and using the MLA to get the annual fee waiver. This way you will have access without showing orders when traveling with the spouse, and then your spouse would get 2 free bags checked as well as United Club access when traveling without you. Keep in mind the applicant would have to be under 5/24 to get the Unite Club Credit card.

2) United Gift Registry Still Closed

United still has to way to contribute to their gift registry outside of using their branded Chase United Travel Bank credit card. This is a bummer for those who just got the Aspire card form AmEx and are looking for a place to dump their $250 for the year. I am happy to report that American Airlines gift cards still work. I called in and chose American Airlines for my Hilton Aspire card. Then bought $100, $100, and a $50 gift card from American:

Three days later the benefit showed it was depleted:

On the fourth day the credit posted for the previous day:

3) Use AmEx MR to Book United via Singapore Air

Frequent miler posted an article here with an excellent go by on how to book United Flights using Singapore Miles. You can transfer the points from Chase UR or AmEx MR to Singapore Air. Keep in mind you can always book using MR or UR directly using their travel portal for 1.5 cents. SO do your calculations to see if it will be worth it to transfer.



3 thoughts on “3 United Updates

  1. Faithful Reader says:

    Maybe I missed it on your site, or it was inferred from the post, but for anyone wondering, TDY Orders alone will not work. I was just denied United Club entry at IAD since I was not on “Leave or RnR” orders. I presented my TDY orders and ID and was told my only option was to take my uniform out of my bag, go change, and then they could let me in! No thanks, I’ll keep the OPSEC.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Thanks for the datapoint! I see the boot camp graduates in there all the time at ORD (in uniform). I have been using my United Club Credit Card which I presume still has 5/24 restriction, but gets MLA fee waivers. That might be a good card to look at if you are under 5/24.

  2. Mike says:

    Two more data points: recent layovers in Narita and Chicago. I was traveling TDY, but was taking leave in conjunction. Thankfully, I had my NSIPS leave chit printed out. They only let me in thanks to the leave chits, and even then scrutinized the dates. The agent in Narita told me she has to turn away a lot of military members who only have TDY papers.

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