dead: Visa’s Answer to AmEx Uber Credits


Edit: deal is now dead! Just wish I could of used my credits!

Visa Signature and Infinite card holder can get a one time $20 or $30 credit (respectively) by simply adding their card to their GroundLink account via these links here:

$20 for Visa Signature

$30 for Visa Infinite

You can get an additional $25  by using my code “bkd94” or my sign up link here to open an account with GroundLink. Here are the cards that worked:

Visa Infinite
US Bank Altitude $30
Chase Sapphire Reserve $30
Chase Ritz Carlton Me $30
Chase Ritz Carlton Wife $30
Total $120
Visa Signature
USAA Limitless $20
Citi Costco Everyday $20
Chase United Club Card $20
Chase Marriott Wife $20
Chase Marriott Mom $20
Chase Hyatt Wife $20
Chase Hyatt Me $20
Chase British Airways $20
Chase Amazon $20
Total $180

Now I got $300 in free rides to and from the airport. In NYC I used Ground Link to catch a ride in a Mercedes s550 with nice electronically tightened seat belts and massaging seats in the back!

I don’t think I have ever paid full price for a GroundLink ride. The $50 off a $150 deal is always on AmEx offers, and now this! I originally caught this report on reddit r/churning as well as much better write up at DoC.


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