$250 Aspire Airline Credits Work For AA Giftcards

Thanks to reader Andrew for this datapoint:

FYI I was reimbursed for the $250 for American Airline Gift cards….50, 100, 100

Anderw was one of the lucky ones that was able to pick an airline early and was then able to do the gift card spend. My process to choose the airline has been fraught with delays. I tried to sign up for AA for my airline via chat the day I got my card, and was told that benefits did not start till 30 January 2018. I called in on that day and they said the system has crashed due to the Citibank and AmEx merger of HHonors accounts.

I finally used chat today and got to pick my airline (see above) and was sent this email:

So I was bambozed once again by AmEx, I could of used the benefit well before 30 Jan 2018. Flyer Talk is starting to post successful results for the aspire as well! Now I just need to think of a place to go with all these credits.



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  1. The only downside to buying small ($100 or $50) GC for AA is that i think one can only use like 10 gift cards online…i’d imagine via phone they would be able to accommodate more than 10 and waive the booking fee

  2. I’m looking at getting this card here soon and just saw it has a referral option. I use your site and figured I’d use your referral if you put up the link.

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