US Bank Denial for 2nd Altitude

Edit: Wow! Thanks for the shoutout (both love and hate) on r/churning, looks like I may have jumped the gun here and was denied for a multitude of possibilities and was told the 6 month rule just to sooth by bruised ego.

I applied for the Citi AA Executive card in December and then the Aspire on 18 January 2018. According to reddit user itrytopaytaxes, US Bank should not have seen the AmEx card so soon as it takes a statement to report it, this delayed reporting is confirmed by user Sirtheta. He suggests:

This is a useless data point, and does not support the conclusion that “Derp” draws.

The Hilton Aspire was released January 18, 2018. Unless something has changed, which we would’ve heard about, it will not appear on this person’s credit report until early March (at earliest). While it’s possible that the underwriter drew this conclusion from a hard pull (if one was issued), it seems more likely that something was miscommunicated.

US Bank is stingy as fuck about extending credit. It’s much more likely that the contents of this person’s credit report disqualified them rather than that there is a strict 0/6 rule. (Equivalently, it does not seem to me that US Bank has instituted or changed any of their usual rules.)

I guess the only thing I can conclude is it might be hard to hold two Altitude cards at one time. It looks like several people gotten the Altitude no problem despite having newer accounts at other banks. User AmEx Fangirl says:

“Stop applying for 6 months and try again” is a general recommendation analysts often use to soften the pain and prevent an awkward moment after they deny someone.

Seeing approval DPs below couple with my own (6/6 when AR was approved, and 2 of those 6 were US bank cards), I am not convinced this is a hard rule.

Thanks for the datapoints, and sorry for the bad conclusion! Just note that US Bank is tough to churn!

I feel shitty jumping to the 0/6 conclusion and even had to reconsider how to approach my next articles. Even user r9anirudh called me out on the drop in quality of derp report:

This is a generic suggestion by any credit analyst to wait 6 months and apply again which has been blown out of proportion because Derp needs to create content for the blog!

So for the sake of completness of my datapoint I decided to look at my credit karma to see what US Bank took into account:

When I match it up to my own record I have:

  1. 6 months ago: Chase IHG Card
  2. 5 months ago: AmEx AU on Hilton Honors Surpass
  3. 4 months ago: AmEx Green Card
  4. 4 months ago: AU on Chase British Airways Card
  5. 3 months ago: AmEx Ameriprise Platnium
  6. 3 months ago: Bank of America Alaska Card
  7. 2 months ago: AU on Chase Ritz Carlton Card
  8. 1 month ago: Citi American Airlines Executive Card

Most likely the underwriter gave me the 6 month line because they had to say something. It’s more like I was denied for hitting too many banks at one time. Time to slow it down I guess. The 0/6 conclusion I made is false and is confirmed by RomingRedPanda who says:

If they do, it’s either new or not a hard rule. This sounds like their general “too many accounts” denial that they’ve been denying people with for months. Their suggestion has been to lay off applications for 6 months.

  • 6/2 – Opened MileagePlus Explorer
  • 8/18 – Opened Merrill+ (reported after first statement)
  • 9/19 – Opened Arrival+ (reported next day)
  • 12/1 – Applied for Altitude – identity verification – approved 12/4

There was a HP for a CIP in August and a bunch of HPs for a car loan in November, too.

I opened my US Bank checking/savings accounts in July.

Edit: wording, forgot a card, and probably should mention I was 7/24 at the time.

Well my datapoint on 0/24 is useless, just going to keep the article for future reference. here it is below:

Thanks to Reader Blaze for the above datapoint regarding the MLA annual fee waiver for the US Bank Altitude. I went ahead and tried to apply for my second Altitude card since my first one is MLA and SCRA exempt. I went in branch and had the banker call the underwriter and credit department to see if it was possible to have 2 Altitude cards. One department was puzzled by why anyone would want two of the same product, and the other department had no problems with it. They confirmed that the MLA would be considered, and if approved the annual fee would be applied.

I then put another application in with my banker for another Altitude card and it went right into pending. I went home defeted, and got a call an hour later with an explanation. The underwriter told my banker that my AmEx card was less than 6 months old (My aspire from 18 Jan 2018), and to try again once all accounts were at least 6 months old. So there you have it, the new Altitude 0/6 rule to copy to Chase’s 5/25 rule. If you have any cards at any banks less than 6 months old, you might get denied for the Altitude. I also had gotten this datapoint today form reader RWHR:

Dangit…rookie mistake. I forgot you had to be a member for 35 days. Ugh. Denied

US Bank wants that dedication, you got to have an US Bank account for 35 days, and no new cards less than 6 months old. If you really want this card (and I think it is one of the most underrated ones) you got to plan out early. Go in the branch, open a CD or wait till another checking or savings offer comes out again. Keep it open 35 days and check your credit karma. Make sure all your accounts are at least 6 months old, and then get the card. It will pay you $325 a year, 10 GoGo passes and 4.5% on Apple/Android?SamsungPay. Total worth it in my book!


9 thoughts on “US Bank Denial for 2nd Altitude

  1. Michael says:

    Samsung Pay and altitude plus the starcard will get you 6.5% return. Minus the load/MO fees. Hopefully USB is okay with MS.

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi, just to clarify, does one need to have a US Bank checking or saving account for 35 days before applying for this card? One can’t apply without a checking/saving account?

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Not a hard rule, I got my after a week of having a CD

      • RWHR says:

        Derp, you wrote “no new cards less than 6 months old”.

        Are you trying to say they won’t approve if we applied for any credit cards in the last 6 months or what? Thanks

        • uiucderp2011 says:

          Not a hard rule, the data point was not reproduced by other people. Apparently this is a line they use often but it is certianly hot a hard fast rule.

  3. Andrew says:

    But one has to have some sort of account with us bank?

  4. Andrew says:


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