Crypto Coming To Robinhood

Use my link here to sign up for Robinhood so we can both get a free stock. Coming this February on Robinhood is cryptocurrency trading without commission. That is, free to get in and free to get out.

Since I have no fiduciary duties to my readers, I say go for it! Just to remind you, if you had bought and held when I made the suggestion of churning with bitcoin via coinbase, you would only be down 30% as of today! This is the reverse of my suggestion of buying SCHE 10 months ago where you would be up 30% today. I guess listening to everything here is just a wash.

Weeeeeeee! from Bitcoin

If you want to buy the crypto dip (or try to catch a falling knife), now is your chance to do it without commission via Robinhood! The goal is to drive in more dumb money to jack this BTC price up, and I hope to cash out my bitcoins and buy a nice bottle of scotch at Costco:


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