US Bank MLA Annual Fee Waiver For Altitude

Metal Card with MLA Waivers!

I was unable to get the MLA waiver for my US Bank Altitude card because I had gotten it in April of 2017, before the MLA was active. The process to get the card was long, but the card has proven to be pretty useful. The $325 travel credit worked much like the Chase one, and the 3x points on Apple pay make it my go to iPhone linked card.

Good news today from reader Blaze who shared his experence:

New datapoint:

1/12/2018:  Applied for the U.S. Bank Altitude Reserve Card
1/18/2018:  Received the new card in the mail
1/21/2018:  Sent a secure message to U.S. Bank to see if my card qualifies for the benefits provided by the MLA.
1/24/2018:  Received a letter in the mail determining my account meets the requirements for MLA.  The letter states that “In accordance with the provisions of the MLA, we have reduced the APR for your obligations to a maximum of 6.00%.  We will also eliminate all fees while you are subject to the terms under the MLA.”

So it looks as if this card is a go.

There you have it! I might apply for another Altitude card after downgrading my current one to a fee free product. This way my new card can get the $400 annual fee waived and I would get a free $325 credit per year. I will not be able to get the 50k offer worth $750 right now if that is the case.

Good Luck!


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      • No referrals for the Altitude, and I have no spouse datapoint either. Please let me know if you get a MLA waiver with your spouse account.

  1. Just applied. Got message that they would send me notification in 7-10 days via email/mail. Hopefully accepted and can add to datapoint.

  2. They waived it for me when I applied in person at the branch. Now I applied for a second one today and was denied because I had a new account less than 6 months old!

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