Surpass to Ascend to Aspire: 300,000 total HHonors Points!

I read a pretty interesting article here about why in reality we may get the bonus for Ascend even if we had the Surpass in the past. This goes against my experience outlined here.  Despite what customer service says, there is no written rule regarding Surpass counting as Ascend. Basically there is no language in any of the application documentation specifying Surpass ownership, rather they say if you had this specific product, then no bonus.

I had the Surpass for many years and when I called in to close it before 18 January 2018, they offered me 5,000 points to keep it open, and convinced me that I could never get the Ascend bonus because I had the Surpass in the past. They also said that I would not have the physical cards until this card expired, but I would have the card benefits of the new Ascend card (no foreign transaction fees).

I also called in on 18 January 2018 and tried to get a bonus to upgrade my Surpass (now an Ascend) to an Aspire, but there was no upgrade offer given. I was then told the 5 card limit no longer existed and I was encouraged to apply for the Aspire. I took her advice, but of course the rep was wrong and I went into pending as the 5 card limit is still true.

Today i got a call from 1(801)945-5000 (Midvale, UT) asking me to call AmEx back at 1(800)266-1260 about my application. The rep on the phone apologized for the wrong information regarding the 5 card rule. She reiterated that you can only have 5 cards and unlimited charge cards. In order to get the Aspire, I had to close one of the cards and there was no need for 2 Hilton Cards. I said “Close my Ascend!” and she was confused, and asked “I see you only have the Surpass, do you want me to close the Surpass!?”.

So there is no record of me ever having the Ascend in the AmEx credit department, only Surpass! I am thinking of getting that Ascend for yet another 100k HHonors points for only $3k spend. Since I got 100k for Surpass in the past, and then 200k for a total haul of 300K HHonors! Use the link below to apply for your own Ascend, Aspire link coming soon:

Hope this is true!


5 thoughts on “Surpass to Ascend to Aspire: 300,000 total HHonors Points!

  1. RWHR says:

    I received my hilton aspire today in the mail. I activated it and see no referral bonus to send to friends on the card 🙁

    On a different note, I already had the hilton surpass which on my amex account said amex ascend. A couple of days ago, I went to all cards and saw the option to upgrade my ascent to the aspire. I did so and i upgraded it about 24 hours later.

    So now I have two hilton aspire. Weird thing is they have different hilton honors numbers even though i put in my current hilton number when i applied. I’m wondering if only one aspire card can be associated with a single hilton honors account.

    • RWHR says:

      *I did so and IT(the amex website) upgraded it about 24 hours later. I found the upgrade option on by clicking “cards” on the top bar and then “view all personal charge cards”.

      Have other people that have ascend already and applied for aspire and were accepted able to upgrade to get two aspire’s or do you think it was a glitch in the amex system that let me have two (one from a new application, and one from upgrade)?

      • uiucderp2011 says:

        Same thing happened when my wife opened her Surpass card, she got a whole new Hilton number! I called and they just got rid of her new number and reverted back to the old one. Now you got me thinking to just upgrade my wife’s Surpass since she is in the 5/24 freezeout!

      • uiucderp2011 says:

        Not so much a glitch, but a back door product change. I have gotten multiple Platinums this way using the PRG and the Green. I checked my wife’s Surpass and it has become an ascend, but it is less than a year so there was no option to upgrade to Aspire… yet.

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