Proof: MLA Waiver for Citibank’s $450 Cards

When I applied for the AAdvantage Executive Card from Citi, I got a call from 1-423-467-6460 which is the Citi Fraud Department asking me to call 1-800-825-0393 just to verify that I was applying for this card. I never called back, and my card came in via FexEx anyways. Activation took a little longer because they had to clear up the hold on the application for the new account. Reader Dan in a previous Citi MLA post writes:

I followed up that message with a phone call to the citi military response unit directly at 877-804-1082, where I reached a very helpful lady who was able to look me up and see my requests in the system already for both me and my wife. She verified my information and asked me to email, fax, or mail a current LES to substantiate my service. She said turn around time should be within 30-60 days. I will let you know what happens

Fax 18665330503

military response unit
po box 790398
st louis, mo 63179

I followed up Dan’s advice and applied for MLA benefits by faxing in my LES to 1-866-533-0503. I didn’t hear back, but then some one at 1-904-954-1207 (Citi Fraud Department #2) called yet again to verify that I had applied for the card. They then asked me to fax another LES to 1-866-532-5470. I finally got a letter from Citi, but it said my Citibank Costco card did not qualify for the SCRA! I never did get a letter stating that MLA was applied to my AAdvantage Executive card. I however got my normal statement the next day, and it said this:


and below had this:

and the back had this:

There you go! No official letter saying that the MLA will cover annual fees, but defacto waiver of annual fees! This is the least they can do for making us get that crappy Citi Travel card that charges Uncle Sam foreign transaction fees as well as an annual fee.


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    • Exactly! The point is I never asked to apply SCRA to CostCo, but they took my request to apply my MLA to the American Executive card and applied it to all accounts including my Costco.

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