MLA Datapoint for US Bank

Good news is US Bank acknowledges the MLA exists, but the bad news is it only applies to accounts opened in the past 2 months!

Such bullshit! Any takers for the tasker of applying for the Altitude card and then requesting MLA protections within 60 days? Might be worth a try to get the $400 annual fee waived for the $325 travel credit that resets at each renewal month (12 months from when you got the card). You also get the Andrew Harper Magazine, GoGo inflight WiFi, 3x on Electronic Wallet transactions.

Despite the MLA denial, and paying the $400 annual fee I am still way ahead because of the 50k free points and the $325 credit. I am going to keep this one open for the 3x Apple Pay worth 4.5% cashback.


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  1. This is why I signed up for a US Bank account on the 2nd of January. This is amazing, any chance of Mrs. Derp getting the Altitude and you going the AU route?

    • I am trying to keep her account nice and clean to get under 5/24 so she can get her own CSR. I currently have the card and plan on keeping it for another year at least!

  2. I’m willing to try. Do you have to have a bank account with them first before you apply for the credit card? I don’t have any accounts with US Bank…

  3. So I have to cancel my current account then reopen another just for the MLA benefits. This doesn’t make much sense.

    • Huh? For those of us that has an account with US bank has to close it then apply for a credit card that we want (ex. Altitude) in order to get the MLA benefits? Kind of lost here. lol.

      • I think thats what they want us to do! Since the MLA applies only to new accounts just like for Chase and Bank of America only for accounts opened after 20 Sept 2017. I would hold off doing that until some brave soul does the MLA with a new account. US Bank has been one of the pickiest banks to get new accounts. It was kind of a miracle that they even gave me this Altitude card in April!

  4. So what banks actually gets annuals fee waived then? I know that Chase / Amex / Citi are the main ones. Any other companies?

    • Confirmed by me: Bank of America, Chase, AmEx, Citibank. Possibly for US Bank. Hit me up for any referrals if you are going to get a new card.

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