AA Gift Cards Still Work on AmEx Plat

Happy new year! Just FYI, I bought a $100 AA gift card for $100 on my AmEx MB Platinum on New Years Day 2018 and got the $100 back automatically. You better do it quick before the loophole closes, like it possibly did for Delta. Make sure you choose the airline first on the AMEx site listed under “Benefits”! Then make sure you charge only $100 at a time.

We are still waiting on United, as we still get this message when we try to add to the registry:

Note the line “We expect the page to be up and running in early 2018”, I am not sure what that means. Does January to March count as early? I will keep one Business and one Platinum card on United so that I can get inflight boozes as well as the 50% grandfathered points back. The other 12 cards I am planning to use for American Airlines! If you have not done so already please use the links to apply for a Platinum Card of your own. Remember the $550 fee is waived for military! AmEx is paying you $400 a year just to have their card in your wallet!

Multiple Reader Links: Link 1Link 2Link 3

Multiple Reader Links: Link 1Link2Link 3Link 4


5 thoughts on “AA Gift Cards Still Work on AmEx Plat

  1. Andrew says:

    worked for me too. $100 x 4 (schwab and regular plat)

  2. Clay says:

    Just bought seven $100 AA GCs with three Platinums and a PRG. Thanks for checking this for us.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Wow! I went ahead and upgraded my PRG to another plat after the first year passed and got another $200!

      • Clay says:

        Damn, I had never considered upgrading my PRG. Thanks for the tip! I just did, so now I’ll get an extra $100 per year in AA gift cards and all that free Uber eats!

  3. uiucderp2011 says:

    well get $100 as the prg then when it’s plat get two more $100 cards for a total of $300

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