2 Days Only: Laser Engraved Luggage Tags @ PHL Centurion Lounge

I flew out to PHL to check out the Army Navy game, reunite with my Okinawan crew, and test my extreme tolerance for arctic conditions. I was also glad to meet with some of my higher ranking blog readers and have a mini churning summit!

Unfortunately the game ended up coming down to a Ray Finkle moment. Navy lost for the second time in a row, but we still got that 16 year streak to be proud of. Laces out next time! Better yet, try not to lose 10 yards before a field goal attempt. Hope to return to PHL for next year’s game.

On my way out, I checked into the PHL Centurion lounge by gate A14 and they had a giant laser etching machine as part of their holiday surprises series.

From 1000 to 1700 on 09 and 10 Dec 2017, the PHL lounge will be offering free laser engraved blue luggage tags with your initials. I went to the lounge too late to take advantage of the tags, drinks (bar closes at 2030), and food was gone (put away at 2045) since the lounge closes at 2100.

Despite all services closed, the lounge manager was very helpful in getting me information of other activities happening. For every day from 08 Dec to 23 Dec, every lounge in America is going to have a new surprise! I was given a list of exact events to come including (but not limited to): stylists offering free blow outs, mixologists signing books, gingerbread houses, and other fun gift giveaways. However, I was told not to share this list on any “social media” or blogs. All I can say it might be worth it to stop by the Centurion lounges around this time of year for something special!

Apparently they do this thing every year and Brian at TPG didn’t get the same memo about keeping things a surprise.

Update: The tags turned out to be Tile tag that can be tracked with your smart phone. It plays a happy little tune to help you identify it’s location. Here is one they made for our newest O-3 reader who heeded my advice:


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