Impossible to Spend United Credit Before Year’s End

For all of those that have been waiting since Sept 2017 for the United Gift Registry to come back online to dump your $200 AmEx Platinum credits, it may be time to go with Plan B, which is to use the $200 for actual inflight charges and other fees.

Despite my best efforts, I have found it hard to use the credits for in flight purchases before 31 Dec 2017 due to delayed posting of charges. Today I spent $32.46 on two Moscow Mules, Antioxidant mix, and a Cheese Plate.

Charges have yet to show up, I am not sure if all of the in flight POS swipe systems have to be uploaded at a hub to have charges take place. Now on 27 October 2017 I got an instant receipt upon buying 8 vodkas and a wine. This is a rare event that the sales system actually works in a timely matter. You can always recover a receipt here on the United site.

Usually charges are delayed for months as described in the flyer talk thread, or never take place at all like I have experienced. Examples: I was on a United Express flight on 25 October 2017 which I bought a inflight beverage and still have not been charged! I also did the same thing on 19 November on a United Express Flight and still haven’t seen charges! Lots of theories and malicious ideas on this thread, I kindly urge you to not try the empty gift card trick as they write down the seat number that orders the food and drink!

Best case scenario is the charges never post, and I got all those snacks for free. Worst case is that all the charges post next year and count towards the 2018 credit. I am going to put in United as my Airline for 2018 to cover that possibility of delayed charges. Just to really hedge this thing I will continue my attempts to max my 2017 charges.


3 thoughts on “Impossible to Spend United Credit Before Year’s End

  1. Andrew says:

    Which card is this for again?

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