No Annual Fee for Baller Citibank Cards for AD (EXPIRED)

UPDATE: Looks like Citi no longer waives for MLA! That was a fun ride while it lasted


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Update: Thank you DoC for the link back as well as additional datapoints! According to the new data, looks like every freeking card opened after joining the military is being covered by MLA for Citi, and every card before joining is covered under SCRA. This is beyond what Bank of America and Chase are doing which is only cards opened after 20 Sept 2017 are being waived per MLA. Chase and BoA also waive for cards opened before joining. This leaves every Chase and BoA card opened after joining and before 20 Sept 2018 exempt from both MLA and SCRA, meaning you have to pay the annual fee. If you haven’t gotten the Chase CSR and BoA Alaska which both are waived with MLA if you open them now!

Thank you to local O-4 who brought me the datapoint that his $450 annual fee on his Citibank American Airlines AAdvantage Executive Card has been waived per the MLA. Better news is that his wife is the primary card holder, and per the MLA she is covered under not being charged excessive annual fees as well as a 35% interest cap. Three companies have been verified to go above and beyond to waive annual fees as part of the MLA: Chase, Bank of America, and now Citi.

This might mean the end of my pursuit for 5/24 and CSR as my wife will probably end up with one (and me as her AU) when her Ritz card becomes the CSR. I will have to keep her account good so I can get her the United Club Credit card. Me on the other hand have my eyes on the Citi Prestige card with $250 annual flight credit to be used on tickets as well as every 4th night free in hotel bookings. This will be my go to card for earning Thank You points which I can transfer to JetBlue (at a ratio of 1 to 0.8), JetPrivilege, Malaysia, Qantas, Qatar, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Hilton Honors (at a ratio of 1 to 1.5) and Sears Shop Your Way. Just another points universe to deal with! Hope that 75K Thank You points offer comes around again.

I could also get the Citibank American Airlines AAdvantage Executive Card for 50,000 American Airlines AAdvantage bonus miles after making $5,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening. Plus full Admirals Club membership for myself and domestic lounge access for my AUs. Totally worth it in my book, just to get lounge access for my family when I don’t travel with them!

MLA is a game changer! Remember that you have to apply it only to accounts created after 20 September 2017. (DoC says every card now falls under the MLA, even those opened after joining and before 20 Sept 2017). I say forget Chase and their constant threat of a financial review shut down. There are just too many great deals on the horizon, and I don’t want to miss out!



18 thoughts on “No Annual Fee for Baller Citibank Cards for AD (EXPIRED)

  1. JCBIX3 says:

    Huge. We have been waiting on this news since MLA waivers started rolling in. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Dan says:

    Thanks for the datapoint. Do you know how MLA benefits were requested? secure message or phone call?

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      He sent a secure message on Monday.

      Correction: he called it in and sent in his LES!

      • Dr. Licious says:

        No, I called the military help line for Citibank, and I had to e-mail them a copy of my LES. I sent that on Monday, and I found out Friday the MLA had been applied to my account.

  3. Mark says:

    Any data points on having free waived as an AU? Wife has a CSR that was opened before September so not sure if this would work

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Yeah the datapoint is MLA waivers working specific to new accounts open after 20 sept, worth it for you to apply now and downgrade hers to a freedom.

  4. Gina says:

    Was he also on the account? I just called citi and got the same old SCRA line. They didnt know about MLA.

    • Dr. Licious says:

      Yes, the card was opened in my wifes name (she’s not AD military) and I was an authorized user. When she called the military line, they didn’t seem aware of the MLA when we called. But the guy on the phone said to e-mail in my LES, and within a week the fee had been waived, and on the $450 reimbursement it said ‘MLA fee credit’ as you can see above.

      • Dan says:

        My wife and I both recently opened prestige cards. I sent a secure message from each account requesting MLA and received this message:

        “Thank you for contacting us. We will review your account to determine
        whether you are entitled to the protections afforded under the Military
        Lending Act. You should receive results of this review within 30 days. ”

        I followed up that message with a phone call to the citi military response unit directly at 877-804-1082, where I reached a very helpful lady who was able to look me up and see my requests in the system already for both me and my wife. She verified my information and asked me to email, fax, or mail a current LES to substantiate my service. She said turn around time should be within 30-60 days. I will let you know what happens

        Fax 18665330503

        military response unit
        po box 790398
        st louis, mo 63179

        • uiucderp2011 says:


          Thanks for the info! Were you able to get the TY point bonus on the Prestige? I tried every link out there and none currently has any thank you points offered.

          • Dan says:

            Same, couldn’t find a working sign-up bonus… but it mattered much less for us because we weren’t eligible anyway (we both closed prestige cards < 24 months ago). I was trying to make it early enough to get the $250 airline credit before the calendar year end, but missed it because our first statement ends in January (not December) which means I'll use up 2018 credit and miss 2017.

        • Dan says:

          FYI – The first statement on my new Citi Prestige card just closed, and I received both annual fee refund via MLA and my annual air travel credit. Note that after I emailed my LES to Citi in December, I never received separate confirmation that MLA benefits had been applied to my account (like what amex routinely does with SCRA).

  5. […] Credit card issuers offer a number of benefits for military members, part of this is due to SCRA & MLA but a lot of issuers also go above and beyond what is required of them. Citi’s standing policy has been to waive the annual fee on cards that were opened before a military member enters active duty. It looks like they are now waiving the annual fees on cards that have been opened after entering active duty, this is more likely due to a more liable interpretation of the Military Lending Act. The annual fee waiver is also being applied retroactively, reddit user PATHofCHURN just received a refund of $900 on their Citi Prestige card for example. Derp Report also reports the same annual fee waiver. […]

  6. […] Citi Waiving Annual Fees On Credit Cards Opened After Entering Active Duty – Doctor Of Credit on No Annual Fee for Baller Citibank Cards for AD […]

  7. ish says:

    citi doesn’t waive annual fees even if MLA is applied to your account, my citi executive that was opened on april 2018 and military line for citi said they only cover the interest rate cap @ 36% , so long story short i have 21 days to cancel my card after the annual fee is posted in order to be refunded with the annual fee, after 21 days the annual fee is non-refundable/non-prorated

  8. Rick says:

    Ok, so how would i start. Would i open the account and then call to see if the fee was waived for the Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard.
    Contact number and email

  9. Jim says:

    Opened a BoA Premium Travel Rewards. BoA will NOT waive the AF even with MLA applied.

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