Wanted: Your AmEx Delta Biz Referral Links

A local senior O-4 had the cojones to ask me how to get the fee waiver on his brand new Alaska Airlines card, but he didn’t even use my, or anybody’s referral link! This my friend is affront to the whole churning community! I helped him out but nicely asked him to hit me up with any ideas for a new card instead of throwing points in the garbage.

So my point is, I am going to be switching my strategy to a AmEx Biz application only approach to get under 5/24 until September 2019! If you have any of the Delta Business Cards from AmEx, please share your referral link in the comments below so we can get this new churn season going.

I want to hit Delta again because there is some pretty sweet redemption for MSP to HND in their fold flat Delta One first class product. A $6,607.36 can be had for 160,000 Sky Pesos!

With the 105,000 miles for all three Delta cards and my 3 Personal cards you can get this flight for 4.1 cents per mile:

For those following along, I have only the SPG business card of which you can use my referral link here. If you don’t care for 5/24, please use my personal Delta links here (Gold), here (Platinum), and here (Reserve). The plan is to hit all three biz, and 3 personal. You will get 70k on plat, 50K gold 10K reserve. Then 30k gold biz, 35k plat biz and 40k reserve biz. The total is 235,000 miles!

Also hit me up if you are interested in the Alaska Airlines BoA card.


3 thoughts on “Wanted: Your AmEx Delta Biz Referral Links

  1. sj0 says:

    See I sort of want to go back under 5/24 as well but it is hard to predict future 2 year down the road and that holds me back. If in next 2 year Chase expands 1/24 rule to United. Marriott, Southwest, and Ink then we’re kinda effed.

    Anyway, here is my delta business gold referrals

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