Rumor: Ritz will become CSR

FrequentMiler is reporting the merger of the points program between SPG & Marriott taking place in late 2018. I had declared after my CPC disappointment, that I would be good and stop churning to get under 5 cards in a 24 month period so I can get some sweet Chase offers under the MLA. I thought it would be easy not to apply for a new product for until September of 2019, but it seems I am tempted again!

Good news is we can say fuck 5/24 and Chase because AmEx is going to bail us out again with premium card annual waivers without 5/24! This is because both Chase and AmEx have decided to split responsibility to cover Marriott and SPG in the future. What has been decided is Chase getting the normie cards, and AmEx getting the premium cards. Good news for us military folk well past 5/24!

I am hopeful by the upcoming Marriott & SPG program merger as well as the announcement of AmEx and their new Marriott products. There may be a chance the Ritz Card becomes the CSR!!! This would be similar to what had happened to the Chase Fairmont card becoming the CSP. This would get rid of my need to satisfy 5/24, because the MLA waiver on my Wife’s current waived Ritz card will become a waived CSR. She would miss out on the 50,000 UR points, but she would have the $300 waiver and 3x earning a whole year in advanced!

On my side, I would cancel my Ritz Card in order to get the CSR bonus once I am under 5/24 in Sept 2019. I plan on maybe converting my SPG Business into the new Marriott Business card, but I would miss out on the new sign up bonus. However the ultimate treat would be the conversion of my wife’s personal SPG card (SCRA waived) into the newest premium Marriott product with the $450 SCRA AmEx fee waiver. Then we could close her Marriott personal card that has no waiver. This would be a product conversion and not hit as another card against 5/24. Once she is under 5/24 we hit up Chase for a MLA waived United Club card.

Got to wait 19 months for the wife to be under 5/24! Is it even worth it?

Or I could have one of us be good for 5/24 while the other is constantly applying for new cards and never to satisfy 5/24. For the good account, I plan on using the AmEx Biz card loophole to not have new cards show on my report. This may be my avenue to get the new AmEx Marriott card replacement!

There is so much speculation right now on what will happen, better keep these cards open just to see if product changes can take place in the future in order to satisfy that 5/24! I urge you to take advantage of the possible Ritz to CSR conversion that may or may not take place if you are well past 5/24! This way you have a possible MLA waived CSR in the future.


6 thoughts on “Rumor: Ritz will become CSR

  1. Dan says:

    my wife and I are on our 2nd year each of membership with the Ritz card and haven’t been charged any annual fees due to having immediately lowered our credit limits to $1500 after opening the cards, which prevented chase from charging an annual fee that exceeds a certain percentage of the CL (by law). No MLA or SCRA. I would hope this continues if the cards are converted to CSRs 🙂

  2. Josh says:

    Did you or your wife have those cards before or after active duty? I know AMEX will give you SCRA for all their cards regardless of when you applied, and I got MLA for my IHG card I got approved for last month, but what other chase cards can I get and receive MLA or SCRA?

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Any card opened after 20 Sept 2017 will get the MLA with chase. She got the British Airways as well as the Ritz both waived since she was active duty and got them after 20 Sept 2017. Citibank waives everything now, including those that you got after you joined. Hit me up if you need a referral link!

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