Why I still Have The US Bank Altitude

It has been 8 months since getting the coveted, but soon forgotten US Bank Altitude Card. The card has paid me an initial bonus of 50,000 points worth exactly $75o in travel. The initial $400 annual fee was made up for by a $325 travel credit. In the end the card is a $75 a year 4.5% cash back card when used with mobile wallet, or travel expenses. I get a lot out of benefits like the free Andrew Harper reviews, free inflight GoGo WiFi (12 per year), and 15% off my GroundLink bookings, but I have been using the AmEx Offer of $50 off $150 right now on GroundLink.

I say the card has been forgotten because I haven’t used its physical card for months now. I have it in as my only card for Mobile Pay which I use for every terminal that takes Apple Pay. I also forgot the 60k points I have sitting around, so I decided to use them for my mom to visit family in Canada.

On United.Com they wanted $606.66 for a non-stop flight from ORD to YYC (Calgary). I logged into US Banks and found the exact same flight for 1.5 cents per point:

This is a solid, no joke, 1.5 cent per point redemption right here. There is no monkeying around with 50% or 35% points cash back with AmEx Business Platinum, and unlike Chase portal in which some times prices are more on the Chase portal than on the airline site.

There are a lot of other benefits I still haven’t explored on https://www.usbankaltitude.com. One of them is golf with troon:

I don’t golf, but why not check out some of these places for $99 twice a year:

I also wanted to take advantage of $60 off the James Beard Tours:

The other forgotten card I have is the BarclayCard Arrival+ which earns 2 points per $1, but each point is worth 1 cent for travel. I didn’t even realize I still had it until new ones came in the mail since the old ones expired. This card I will also keep as it is the only USA issued card with chip & PIN capability to use in Europe. The CSR sometimes works magically at some of these kiosks, but not 100% of the time.

If I wasn’t trying to fix my 5/24 situation, I would gladly apply for the US Bank Altitude card to see if they would do a MLA waiver. Please let me know if you do!


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