Chase Private Client Does Not Give You Snowflake Status


You are not special. You’re not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else.  Same goes for Chase Private Clients who attempt to apply for their 26th card in a 24 month period.

As you know I have tried to get the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card for over a year now. Today, I tried again after successfully getting invited to CPC. Sadly, I got the same response as last time. The banker was very forward and said this method had dried up for all of her CPC clients despite what another non-CPC banker had said. This little reconsideration trick was over utilized, and has been closed as of a few months ago.

I was hopeful because I even had a special in-branch offer of 60k UR points for $4k spend. I even had one of the senior CPC advisors call in the reconsideration line for me. Despite all that, the credit department could not approve a CSR, even for a CPC members who has had 25 new cards in the last 24 months.

What is killing me is the MLA waivers being brought on for all of the Chase products. It might be time to pause the churning game, clear the slate, and hit up all the Chase product in 24 months! I used the guidance here to see exactly how many cards deep I am in. The resulting output was like an episode of intervention:

I had 25 freeking cards in 24 months! It was a new record for the banker, and an obvious insurmountable barrier to getting any of the good Chase products. However there are exactly 5 products that are exempt from 5/24: IHG, RC, Hyatt, Amazon, and BA. The banker urged me to stop applying for cards and enjoy the massive pile of points and rewards I have accumulated in the next 24 months. She promised me that there should be some pretty good product offers after my hibernation!

I was sad to think about it being game over for awhile, but there is a good news. There is loophole where AmEx does not report any of their Business Cards! So that might be an avenue for me to explore. I am also thinking about just doing a product change for my Hilton Honors Surpass into the Ascend to capture the $250 airline incidental fee & Diamond Status, but forgo the initial bonus of a free night (a free night comes every year anyways).

I also plan on product changing my AmEx Green to a Platnum for another $200 in Uber and $200 for an airline. So I will be on the side lines until Sunday, September 1, 2019

In the meantime you AD churning Virgins with less than 5 cards in 24 months should hit up these referral links for these coveted Chase products:

And of course the one that got away for me:

Then here are some business cards that wont count towards 5/24:

Remember all new accounts after 20 Sept 2017 will get the MLA annual fee waiver! Good luck out there you n00bs!


8 thoughts on “Chase Private Client Does Not Give You Snowflake Status

  1. Robert says:

    Hey Derp,

    How are you going to product change from the Green to the Platinum? I’m in a similar situation where i’ve had a different card (the gold) and would like to upgrade. Have you done this in the past? Can you do it online or do you have to call/chat?


    • uiucderp2011 says:

      You must product change via phone, and only after one year of having the product. The change must be within each branded sequence. You can change Personal Green Charge to Gold Charge to Platinum. You can do the same with Biz Charge cards. They do the same with the Delta and Hyatt products. Most of the time credit cards can be credit cards, and charge stays charge. However this is where it gets weird, you can change MB Credit to MB Charge, and I presume you can change Schwab Credit to Schwab Platinum Charge and Morgan Stanley Credit to Morgan Stanley Platinum Charge.

      I have been successful in changing my Blue Cash to Blue Cash Preferred. I also changed my PRG to AmEx Personal Platinum. I changed my AmEx Biz Gold to a Biz Platinum.

      • Robert says:


        Thanks for the advice. I called them up and they upgraded my gold to platinum. The nice thing is I had used my $100 airline credit on the gold and it reset on the platinum so i have a new $200 on the new platinum to use before the year. Definitely was worth the upgrade with the extra $35 at ubereats also.

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  3. w says:

    Based on this 24 month timeline, what is your take on the reported 48 month timeline change?

    Will Chase upgrade a CSP to a CSR? Although, I am going to miss out on the 50-60k Chase points. I amazingly was offered the CSP earlier in the year before I knew about MLA. I was approx 18/24 at that point. I was opening a checking account in a branch for the $300 bonus and the guy offers me a card. I picked the CSP because the annual fee is waived for the first year. I planned on dumping it before 12 months. Now, I do not know how best to proceed. I am at about 10/24 now.

    Also, I was reading one of your articles a couple days ago about how to choose which cards for the MLA benefits (I already have quite a few AMEX) and there was a section that talked about how best to close when preparing to leave AD. Can you point me to that article? I can’t find it now.

    I read a lot of miles & points blogs. This is probably the best I have seen for AD folks. I too live abroad. So, I do not get to participate in a lot of the deals like Staples gift cards, AMEX Offers, Apple and Samsung Pay and Southwest deals.
    Thanks a ton.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      The downgrade article is here:

      If you have the CSP covered under MLA go ahead and PC to CSR. Do not ever close these unicorn accounts as you will now have a waiver for the annual fee for CSR meaning you get $300 for free.

      There would be no other way to get the card since you will never be under 5/24

      • w says:

        Thanks for the link and the brutal response. I have to come to terms with the fact that the way I go through cards i will never be under 5/24 and maybe it is now 48 months. Ugh. Unicorn cards? I have never heard that. Ha.

        So, how do I PC? How long do I have to hold the CSP? And do I just call in and ask or is it best to go to a branch and ask them to help me upgrade to CSR?

        I appreciate your time and will try to use your links when applying for new cards. I understand how important it is to support bloggers that I find have valuable content.

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