The Luxury Lounge is No More!

The Luxury Lounge is no more! I visited today 27 Nov 2017 and the lounge has closed and been emptied at 645 Madison Ave. NYC

I called the concierge for BarclayCard Gold Luxury Card and they said it has been closed for a month now. So if you were planning on visiting, don’t bother. Also if you were planning on getting MLA fee waivers on any of Barclay’s products don’t bother either! Acording to DoC, their response is this:

The Military Annual Percentage Rate (MAPR) of any billing cycle will not exceed 36%.  Barclaycard will not assess any fees, other than the annual fee, for any Covered Borrower while on active duty.

Go ahead and write off BarclayCard as a complete hull loss. You got plenty of military fee waivers with MLA with Chase, and BoA! Also thank you DoC, and Garry for the link back!


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