The Art of The Chase

Good news to the Churner Virgins who have had no problem getting the CSR with MLA fee waivers. Please use this link if you happen to be one! I have a successful applications and waiver I have reported on here. Now those who have been chuning hard in the past 2 years will need to apply a little artistry to get the CSR.

Japan based 0-3 reports bad news from the CSR application front for those who got the bonus before. He tried to apply for another CSR after closing his first one and got this message: Denied: “Earned a new account bonus on a sapphire product in the last 24 months”.

This got me worried since I am going into my CPC branch this Wednesday for my second attempt to apply for my second Sapphire product. Currently I am ineligible to apply for any chase product (Besides IHG, Ritz, BA, Amazon, Hyatt) due to 5/24 rule. My Chase Private Client (CPC) advisor said she can call in the recon line for me and beg my case.

On top of the 24 month bonus rule, is you can’t have more than one Sapphire Product at a time. Unless, of course, you had it before the rule came into effect. I got my CSP in Dec 2014 and downgraded it to a CS last year. I went ahead and canceled it without consulting my CPC advisor. Insert facepalm here, because she wanted me to shift the credit to another line, then close the account. Oops! Lesson learned!

Before I go ahead and apply for the CSR I checked to see that I had personally earned 40k UR points back in Dec 2014 on my CSP so I am well beyond that 24 month language. I also am without any saphire product, and my credit scroe is in the 800s. I just need CPC to do their magic in branch!

If you have gotten the Bonus on any Chase Sapphire product in the last 24 months, go ahead and find out that date and mark 24 months from then. In the meantime use the links and apply for any of the other chase products below (using my links of course) and get that MLA waiver applied!

Keep posted to see what happens next. If you want a go at it please use the link below to apply for th CSR:


2 thoughts on “The Art of The Chase

  1. rtjb says:

    Uh oh, am I misunderstanding this: ““Earned a new account bonus on a sapphire product in the last 24 months”.” Does this mean that if I received a bonus on a sapphire product w/in the last 24 months I cannot apply for a new sapphire product? That means Chase is going to lose my business for almost a year after I cancel my CSR in Jan 2018 (applied Jan 2017) until I re-apply in Jan 2019. At least I’ll get another bonus point grab out of it, I guess :/

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Yeah, it looks like they are reaching deep to prevent churning. Things change when they started to see how much money they are loosing on the whole thing!

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