$7.80 Rosé With AmEx and Martha Stuart Wine

I just got an email for Black Friday sale of free shipping and 40% off at Martha Stuart Wine.

I went ahead and used it in conjunction with the current AmEx offer of $25 off $75 on my Hilton Honors AmEx card. Make sure you add it to the card before you buy the wine!

The offer also showed up for my Green Card:

So when I stack the deals I end up spending $54.76 for $132.93 of wine for about $7.80 a bottle.

I did it again with a wine pack of 4 Bordeauxs and a corkscrew and two extra bottles for exactly $76.46 with tax. That is 6 bottles for $51.46 for an amazing $8.57  a bottle with a “lever-pull corkscrew in a beautiful pine gift box”, shipped free.

With tax for Illinois and minus the $47.97 from the 40% discount, this brings the total just high enough to trigger the $25 off $75.00 AmEx offer.

Not sure if its fair to not include the value of the corkscrew, lets say its around $20:

We can recalculate it as 6 bottles of wine for $31.46 for $5.24 a bottle which is in the realm of Thunderbird wine!

Keep in mind taxes are added based on state. If you haven’t gotten an account on Martha Stuart before be sure to use my link to get a $25 bonus. Then use code MARTHA25 for $25 off. Not sure if we can triple stack the bonuses, because the $25 link bumps out the 40% link.

Make sure you have the offer in your AmEx Offers, then add it to the right card! Happy boozing!


2 thoughts on “$7.80 Rosé With AmEx and Martha Stuart Wine

  1. steve says:

    Great find. I just got 9 bottles for my mom for 80$ after discount + 2500 MR points to boot. I’m not sure your referral link is working however.

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