New CSR Applications Get MLA Fee Waivers!!

I just got a datapoint for the CSR, new AD applications will get the Annual Fee waived under the MLA! Thank you to a senior O-3 Reader who has the MLA letter to upload as proof! Please use the link below to apply for yourself:

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Keep in mind if you had the card before 20 Sept 2017 but after you join, you would be still on the hook for the annual fee!

Edit: also confirmed at the DoC site, Chase and BoA waive annual fees per MLA, Barclay does not. Also note that business cards are NOT eligible for fee waiver under MLA with Chase.


8 thoughts on “New CSR Applications Get MLA Fee Waivers!!

  1. Clay says:

    So… if I have a CSP and can’t get a new CSR because of 5/24, do you think that if I upgraded my CSP to CSR that MLA would be in effect? I’d do that for the travel credit and the increase in point earning. What do you think, derp?

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      well you got to do the old upgrade & downgrade game. Spend the UR points on the CSR, downgrade to freedom, get new CSR when your 5/24 clears or get CPC and get the special consideration. Now if you got a spouse the MLA should extend to a spouse and just have them apply!. Hope that helps

      • JCBIX3 says:

        That is what my wife and I are planning. She already has her MLA waiver for her CSR. I will convert mine to a freedom when I am under 5/24 and will reapply for a CSR.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      You would lose out on any potential bonus with the CSR in the future, but on the flip side the $450 annual fee is just a $355 increase in annual fee, and with the $300 credit its only $55. I would consider having a spouse get the CSR and then attempting to apply the MLA waiver to the card and adding yourself as an AU. Then cool down the churning or get CPC to get your own in the future. The CSR bonus is pretty huge and not worth opting out of with a product change.

  2. Joe says:

    So there are definitely some inconsistencies.

    My wife and I are both active duty. The benefits have been applied differently to each of us.

    Her first card with chase was opened in 2009 and she opened the reserve last year and opened 2 southwest cards last month.

    All of her fee’s were waived last month after we contacted chase to see about waiving the fee on her reserve while she was deployed. We were told via Secure Messaging no fee waivers were possible for deployments. We ended up closing her reserve and like right after it closed fee refunds were issued on all her cards to include the reserve. The only thing I can think is our contacting them about the military triggered an SCRA review. Luckily we were able to re-open the reserve.

    Today we got letters in the mail on all 4 of her cards. There were 2 slightly different versions. One for the 2 older cards and one for the 2 southwest cards. They basically said the same thing. SCRA benefits applied for 2 years. Biggest benefit listed was “we won’t charge you and fees, including foreign transaction fees, late fees, or annual fees.”

    I have 5 cards with chase. 3 opened in 2016. 1 opened last month. 1 opened this month.
    I haven’t had any annual fee waivers.

    I just called the military hotline number that was on my wife’s letter. The guy who answered was nice but gave me the info about SCRA being applied only for those accounts that were opened prior to entry in the military. I told him that wasn’t the case for my wife and he asked for her account information (I didn’t have…nor did I want to provide). He said he would open up and inquiry on my accounts. The only interesting thing to me was he mentioned there are a couple states that apply SCRA benefits regardless of when the account was opened. One was Ohio and we are currently in Ohio.

    Basically I don’t know exactly what the rules are and I don’t think the frontline chase reps do either. The guy on the phone seemed to be very careful about avoiding definitive answers on questions I asked. Everything was may/potentially/could.

  3. Joe says:

    Not sure why my comments from yesterday aren’t showing. New update. After my wife got two slightly different letters on her 4 cards (one version for cards opened over a year ago and one version for cards opened last month), both of which reference SCRA and specifically stated annual fee is waived.

    I got a letter in the mail for a card I opened Monday (I haven’t even gotten the card yet) that references the MLA and says I won’t be charged fees other than late fees and non-sufficient funds fees. No specific mention of annual fees.

    The other difference between the letters my wife received and the letters I received is her APR indicates it won’t be higher than 4%. My letter indicates the APR won’t be higher than 36%.

    Her SCRA benefits definitely seem better than my MLA benefits.

    I don’t really care about APR but I know some people do.

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  5. RWHR says:

    I don’t remember where I had posed the question earlier on your blog, but i’ll just respond here. I am active duty, my wife is not. My wife signed up for the chase freedom and the southwest credit card in 2013. I went active duty in 2015. I just had her call chase to apply SCRA benefits to all of her chase accounts. The ended up refunding here $400 for the past 4 years of annual fees from the SW card. Once she had SCRA applied to her chase freedom, i had her upgrade to the CSR to get the free $300 annual credit since she is and will be over 5/24 for awhile. Hope this data point helps.

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