SCRA Doubt: We Broke Chase‽

I just got alarming word from our favorite O-4 contributor that his SCRA fee waiver has been revoked. Just like what had happened to Gold Luxury Card, we may have broken an entire multinational banking corporation!

Yup, a previously SCRA waived Chase Sapphire Reserve is now getting its annual fee charged starting 07 Jan 2018! This could be an error on Chase’s part, or a datapoint in things to come.

Well, when you are dealing with any abratrage event, once it goes mainstream, it’s a good as dead! Hope it doesn’t go away with the MLA or with AmEx!

Be careful out there! Need more information before we know it’s dead! This card was a freedom before joining the Navy that was upgraded to the CSR.


New CSR Applications Get MLA Fee Waivers!!

I just got a datapoint for the CSR, new AD applications will get the Annual Fee waived under the MLA! Thank you to a senior O-3 Reader who has the MLA letter to upload as proof! Please use the link below to apply for yourself:

Earn 50,000 bonus points with Chase Sapphire Reserve. I can be rewarded too if you apply here and are approved for the card. Learn more.

Keep in mind if you had the card before 20 Sept 2017 but after you join, you would be still on the hook for the annual fee!

Edit: also confirmed at the DoC site, Chase and BoA waive annual fees per MLA, Barclay does not. Also note that business cards are NOT eligible for fee waiver under MLA with Chase.


Datapoint Needed: Open Season for Chase!

The good news is coming in, we have seen fee waivers from Chase from the MLA for those who got new credit card accounts after 20 Sept 2017! This means fee waivers are back for some of the finest product out there:

Please use the links above and report back on if the MLA works!


No Go For Goldman

My source for getting the AmEx Platinum from GS has come up empty, not even current employees can get the card (according to the source)! On top of that I became a GS shareholder just to get a crappy printed out participation award quality certificate:

instead of this one:

I even emailed the good people at Give-a-Share and they conformed they went full crap! I called shareholder services and no one had any idea of how to get the card. If you are itching for another AmEx Platinum I suggest applying for a lower product such as the Green or Premier Rewards Gold and upgrading after a year.

Use this link for PRG if you go this way.


Maximize UR Points With Family Rate

I just spent 25,000 UR points moved to Hyatt and 1457.5 HKD or $186.86 USD for 2 rooms that cost a total of $860 a night. So we save $673.40 with 25,000 points making a sweet 2.6 cents per UR point, well above the 1.5 cents that you can questionably get with UR direct booking.

I did the same thing in Saint Louis, making this a better plan of redeeming UR points. Good thing to use when you got a few kids to travel with.


Total Rewards Salute Card

I wrote about getting a free stay at the Atlantis Resort using the Founders Card in past posts. Today there is a better way to get Platinum Status with both Total Rewards and matching it to Wyndham Rewards with the Salute Card. I got this email yesterday:

Get the Total Rewards® card that gives Veterans more.

Beginning on Veterans Day (Saturday, November 11), visit any U.S. Total Rewards Center and show your military ID or veteran’s card to receive our NEW Total Rewards Salute card along with an automatic upgrade to Platinum status and the following benefits:

  • 15% discounts on rooms during Veterans Day weekend* (10% year-round discount)

  • Complimentary parking at many destinations, including Las Vegas and Atlantic City

  • 15% discounts at casino gift shops

  • 5% discount on Hawaiian Airlines flights

  • Complimentary stay at Atlantis, Paradise Island in The Bahamas

  • Tier Status match with Wyndham Rewards

  • And more!


The link to the offer is here, and more info here on cashing in your free Bahama night.


MLA Waiver Working For Chase

I am working on getting Chase Private Client right now in order to apply for my own CSR despite being well above 5/24. I am going to use this link here in order to toss some points to my buddy. This is the perfect time as I want to be the first MLA waived CSR since this card has been applied for after the 20 Sept 2017 cut off for a sweet $300 travel credit from Chase every year. If I can pull this off I can get my wife her own CSR also waived via MLA, and I can cancel my mom’s CSR.

There have been two confirmed successful MLA waiver comes from a fellow O-4 reader that got his $450 Ritz-Carlton Chase card waived when applied for in October. See above for the secure message response for the Ritz Card. Then my wife applied the MLA to her British Airways Chase card she got on 24 Sept 2017.  Here is Chase’s response:

Hello Mrs. Dr. Derp

Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate the opportunity
to provide you with additional information.

We are dedicated to supporting our Military members and
appreciate your inquiry. The Military Lending Act (MLA)
provides protections to Servicemembers and their
dependents at the time they originate their credit card or
auto refinance loan with Chase. MLA benefits include
limiting interest to 36% and waiving qualifying fees.

After reviewing your account ending in XXXX, it was
determined at origination on September 24, 2017, that your
account met the requirements for MLA benefits.

The requirements to qualify for MLA are as follows:

– Account must have originated on or after September 20,
2017, for credit cards accounts.
– Account must have originated on or after October 3,
2016, for auto customers.
– The customer must be identified in their credit report
as a “covered borrower” which includes the following:
– Active duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces serving on
active duty pursuant to Title 10 for a period of more than
30 days
– Members of reserve components of the U.S. Armed Forces
serving on active duty pursuant to Title 10 for a period
of more than 30 days
– National Guard personnel if they are called to
qualifying active duty for a period of more than 30
consecutive days
– Members serving on Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) duty
for a period of at least 180 consecutive days
– Dependents of eligible Servicemembers, including
spouses, un-remarried widows, children, dependent parents
and other financial dependents.

In addition, we have completed our review of your
account(s) for Servicemember Civil Relief Act (SCRA)
benefits and have attached your decision letter(s) to this
email. We also mailed the letter(s) to your mailing
address on file.

If you’d like to speak with a specialist in Chase Military
Services, please call us at 1-877-469-0110. When overseas,
you may call us collect at 1-318-340-3308. The hours are
Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to midnight and Saturday
from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time. You can also send us
an email through our secure message center at

For information about additional benefits we offer to
active Servicemembers or veterans, please visit

Thanks again for being in touch. We’re here to help
anytime and are committed to meeting your needs.

Best regards,

Erion Harris
1-800-582-0542 TTY/Text Telephone

It does not specify mention what fees are qualified to be waived, but no annual fee was charged on her account. I have one O-3 applying for the CSR right now so that will be the datapoint I want to see! Please use the link below to apply, and let me know if the MLA works!

Wish me luck!


New Hilton Aspire & Ascend Upgrade Strategy

As you might have read, American Express kicked out Citi making it the only Card to Earn Hilton Honors Points. Today DoC confirmed the new Hilton Card line up coming January 2018:

  • Hilton Honors American Express Aspire ($450 annual fee, Waved for Military?)
    • 14X @ any Hilton
    • 7X on flights booked directly, car rentals, U.S. restaurants
    • 3X on everything
    • Hilton Honors Diamond status
    • One weekend night at any hotel every year
    • Another weekend night after spending $60,000 spend
    • Probably the shitty Priority Pass that the Surpass had
    • $250 airline incidental fee statement credit (for AA or Southwest Gift Cards?)
    • $250 Hilton resort statement credit
    • $100 on property credit at Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts and Conrad Hotels
  • Hilton Honors American Express Ascend Card ($95 Annual fee, hoping for military waiver)
    • 12X @ Hilton Hotels
    • 6X @ U.S. supermarkets, U.S. restaurants, and U.S. gas stations
    • 3X on all other eligible purchases
    • 10 free priority pass lounge passes
    • Complimentary Hilton Honors gold status.
    • Earn Diamond status after spending $40,000 in purchases within a calendar year
    • One Weekend Night after spending $15,000 in purchases on the card in a calendar year
    • No foreign transaction fees

People (like me) that have the current AmEx Surpass Card will be forced to upgrade to the Ascend card meaning we will might never be able to earn a possible 100,000 points and free night on anniversary. Also those that decide to upgrade from the Surpass to the new Aspire will be not eligible to earn Two free nights. My proposition is to cancel my Surpass card right now so I can apply for both the Aspire and the Ascend in 2018. Then after a year I can upgrade the Ascend to the Aspire in order to max out $500 travel credit per year. This would also give me both bonuses of 100,000 points and another free night on anniversary.

On the more conservative side I could just let my Surpass get upgraded to the Ascend, then apply for the Aspire and then upgrade to the Ascend to the Aspire to get the same benefits, but I lose out on the 100,000 points from having the Aspire already.

A lot more information at frequent miler here. Thoughts? Comment below…

Great write up on strategy here on Frequent Miler.