Forget the SCRA, The MLA Means Fee Waivers From Chase & BoA

If you opened a new card after 20 Sept 2017 with Chase or Bank of America, you may get your annual fee returned to you and waived for the future because of the 03 October 2017 activation of the 2006 Military Lending Act. According to this new write up in DOC, Active Duty are starting to see AF refunds as written up on the DOC page:

I am hoping this will get my coveted Barclay gold card waived! Hopefully also get my newest BA card opened after 20 Sept 2017 waived as well. I went ahead and used Walt’s link for the BoA Alaska card, but I was not instantly approved! More to come on that, but Dr. Licious the O-4 just got his approval for a brand new Ritz-Carlton despite being well over 5/24! We called the MLA line for Chase at 1-800-235-9978 and go a very ambiguous answer, so I hope to see some good data points soon.


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  1. Would this apply if I tried to upgrade my Freedom Visa to a Sapphire Reserve? (I downgraded a few months ago)

      • Have data points confirmed that closing the Chase Sapphire Reserve card (or downgrading it) and then opening a new Chase Sapphire Reserve card results in a fee waiver of the new card?

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