Gold Luxury Card’s Last Hurrah!

I just received another luxury gift from BarclayCard’s Gold Luxury Card, a $203 pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses just for being awesome (and presumably paying the $995 annual fee). This is the second gift since getting the card 2 years ago. The first being this engraved gold Cross Pen.

As many of you all have read, the SCRA has been revoked for their Gold Card, even those that have been grandfathered in have been informed that the annual fee will be up soon. My fee will be charged to me at the end of January 2018, giving me time to spend $200 for the reimbursable travel fee before i close the account. Even with the free glasses and the $200 travel credit, the annual fee of $995 is impossible to justify. The 2% cashback on the card is noting compared to the no annual fee USAA Limitess card at 2.5% cashback on everything.

If you get a UPS Choice email for a 0.40 pound package from “RETURNED PROCESSING DEPT” from Luxury Card Services 2435 Goodwin Lane, New Braunfels, TX 78135-0001 it’s going to be RB3025 58 Ray-Ban ORIGINAL AVIATOR sunglasses from Gold Luxury Card. See below for the actual style and model number:

Made in Italy! I am going to keep them because they are not faddish and approved for uniform wear. No word if my AUs will get them as well.

Update 02 Dec 2017: 2 of my 3 AUs got the sunglasses. My o-5 buddy in Florida got his as well. The glasses can also be bought for 17,500 on the Barclay Card Shopping Portal (not worth it, just take the $350 you big dope!).


6 thoughts on “Gold Luxury Card’s Last Hurrah!

  1. Clay says:

    Got mine yesterday, too. My annual fee will be due in January, so I’ll buy a $200 airline gift card right before closing it. I’ve also been transferring my wife’s student loan to this card using Gift of College gift cards. I buy the GCs to meet the minimum spend on new CCs, then transfer the balance for free to my Gold Card. After I close the Gold Card in January I can keep slowly paying off the balance at 0%, which is better than the 2.65% we’re currently paying. We’ll end up saving about $400 a year in interest and get several minimum spend requirements taken care of.

  2. Greg says:

    Any word on the luxury gift for Black Card members this year?

  3. Robert says:

    I have the gold as well with the $995 annual fee being charged in Jan 2018. Two questions for you
    1.) Will you cancel your Gold card or downgrade to a card with no annual fee?
    2.) What are you planning to buy with the $200 credit. Have you heard it if works on southwest gift cards for example?

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      I am in the same situation, I called in and they said no downgrade. Going to use the credit to book a flight then cancel the card. Then I will send in the metal to a gold refiner to get 3 cents worth of scrap!

    • Clay says:

      My annual fee is due at the end of January, too. I will cancel it, but keep a balance that I can slowly pay off at 0% APR. I also just bought a $200 AA gift card to use the fee. I did the same thing last year with no problem.

  4. […] one of these? A O-4 reader in Seattle got his today, I have yet to get mine. When compared to the RayBan sunglasses and 23K gold pens of the days Barclay Gold Luxury Card this is hardly a “Luxury […]

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