Fine Dining Events Using AmEx and Chase

I was thrilled with the success of using the AmEx Platinum Concierge for my French Laundry Adventure, I thought I would give AmEx another tough tasker, which was to get a table at another 3 Michelin Star Restaurant on the other coast. I wanted to give them the impossible feat of getting a seat for 2 at a normal time at the newly renovated Eleven Madison Park. On top of that I demanded to have this done before the restaurant was to be re-opening on 08 October 2017. At the time of writing the restaurant has been shut down for the summer for much needed renovations. They had an AmEx only pop up restaurant in the Hamptons in the meantime of which apparently Leo DiCaprio went to close up last month.

I had first asked the concierge at the Ritz Central Park and they said they had no opening date or information on how to get a seat. This was the best effort from a $1,200 a night hotel, mind you! They were not going to call or use any special hook up to get me a seat. Now if you noticed the EMP venue in the Hamptons was sponsored by AmEx so I figure this would be the better route.

I put my request in for EMP via email ( by replying to my AmEx concierge request for French Laundry on 03 July 2017. I then got a random phone call on 22 September to verify my request, and then I got an email this 02 October that they were able to fit me in! Another successful reservation made for those who plan!

Again, it is worth hitting up the concierge for the places that are listed in the Global Dining collection for Platinum. Now the $642.36 seems like an outrageous amount for two people to eat dinner. This fee for two includes 8 to 10 courses at $295 a person, then tax and tip for a 3 to 4 hour experience. As I write this I am enjoying my 6 slices of Kirkland pre-cooked bacon while sipping on a tea I pocketed at the AmEx Centurion lounge on my last visit to the airport, this dinner at EMP is not going to be a normal meal for me! Fortunately my wife and I agree that t$642.36 is an outrageous amount reserved for those very special times we have together. Dining at the number one of the 50 best restaurants in the world 2017 would be one of these special times.

Rather than dropping $300 bucks on Hamilton tickets, I rather have a dinner that is the show with my wonderful wife. They will at least allow us to talk during the entire show! Plus between the Uber credits, flights and the Ritz Carlton room on points, this will be really the only expense of our NYC adventure.

Now for the beauty of pre-pay is I already paid up for the meal, I will just have to show up, eat, then leave. This is cited as a good way to maximize happiness with spending money. Also note that the datapoint is there that AA gift cards are still being reimbursed automatically by AmEx, this could easily be used for the flight to and from NYC.

Now for those who don’t want to fly to NYC, and live in Chicago, there currently is an offer for holders of the Chase British Airways card to get 2 seats at NEXT on 07 November, 2017. It will cost you 20k Avios, that you can transfer from your MR account (too bad the 40% bonus is over).

Bon Appétit!


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  1. AK says:

    FYI they do charge extra for stupid things like end of meal cappuccino…crazy right? I was shocked when I received my bill

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