Back to Basic Bitch AmEx Green!

Thank you to reader Dan who shared a photo of his entire AmEx card collection in a comment to my post. In his collection I noticed an old friend from ten years ago, the AmEx Green Card! This card is what really started it all in 2006, I think I blew all the points on Lettuce Entertain You Gift Cards at Everest at 1 cent per MR point. Just n00b level churning right there! How was I to know any better 10 years ago? At least that girl I took out ended up marrying me!

Now I have had this product ten years ago and might not be eligible for the 25k points due to the life time language. Now I can be the datapoint if AmEx considers a card from 10 years ago a once in a lifetime card. I stumbled upon this incognito offer here on DOC. The direct link for the 25k MR for $1k spend can be found here. I was surprised the offer was still around a year after its original post.

Now you might be wondering if I am going for the green basic bitch card just to be ironic. Why would I care to have a card that had no benefit other then 2x MR points on AmEx travel? Simple, this card is going to be my backdoor rollover (better named “Platinum Conversion”) to get another Personal Platnium card. Right now I have had many readers reporting straight up denials for applying for duplicate already owned products. For example my O-3 reader got approved for an Ameriprise AmEx Platinum, but was then denied for a second application for the same product. They wrote him a letter saying he could not apply for a product he already owned.

Now once I do my $1k spend for 25k MR points on the Green, I intend to upgrade this to a Platinum to capture another $200 for flights, and another $200 for Uber. According to Ask Sebby this will work since they are all personal charge cards. I called today and upgraded my existing PRG to a Platinum of which was no problem. The customer service rep said you can upgrade Green to Platinum or PRG, but you could not swap branded product lines. He also said you had to have a card for at least one year to do a product change. Now what was interesting in the Ask Sebby article is the ability to change the MB Credit card into the MB AmEx Plat Charge for another sweet $100 for MB merch. This can come later, since it’s worth doing for the MB YETI cups that the dealership sells for $59 a pop!

I am going to take it slow and see how it goes. Be sure to check back to see if this crazy plan works out!


3 thoughts on “Back to Basic Bitch AmEx Green!

  1. Alan says:


    Any chance you could create a post about how you created your Schwab Investment Portfolio? Like a how-to guide for new AMEX MR holders who are just learning the ropes. Or if you could recommend the best place to get our feet wet before setting up an investment structure.

  2. Dave says:

    By this line of churning, could you not just do this every year? Green card>year>platinum>green card>year>platinum>green card…

  3. Mark says:

    So to clarify you have two personal platinum cards by having a personal platinum adn also upgrading your PRG to Platinum? Did you get the appropriate amount of airline and uber credit?

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