The Points Commander: The SCRA CSR/Freedom Switch-a-roo

I think it’s time I get up and running now that I put on LCDR!

My duty as the most junior of the most senior of the junior officers is to advise the junior officers as their more senior, junior officer. I have one LT who has a SCRA waived Chase Freedom card, and another LT who has a Chase Sapphire Preferred with SCRA benefits. Both got their cards before they joined, in the case of the CSP she gets her $95 annual fee waived. The one LT with the freedom even got the CSR with the 100k offer when it first came out and paied the $450 annual fee. It was sad to see these fine LTs getting fee waivers on such basic cards. I had to get them to see if they could do a product change from the freedom and the CSP to the CSR and extend the fee waiver like I did for my United Explorer to my United Club Card.

Sure enough with a quick message using the secure messenger on the chase website we got the datapoint we were looking for! The one LT with the freedom can upgrade to CSR as a product change. He is going to cancel or downgrade his current CSR to freedom to continue capturing 5x points. We did an swap, but now his $450 annual fee is waived since it was grandfathered in when that product was a freedom. He is getting Chase to pay him $300 in travel credit this way! His CSR becomes a freedom that has no annual fee. Not sure if they will let the downgrade happen, need another datapoint on that. Make sure you are doing product changes and not canceling and killing your SCRA waived account!

The LT with the CSP can upgrade to the CSR and get the fee waived as well, and essentially get $300 free every year. I advised her it was pointless to use my link to get her own CSR since having any Sapphire product means disapproval for the CSR.

A lot of you military may have a freedom that you got before you joined. Never close this account as this will be key to making you $300 a year. First milk the 50k bonus for a new CSR using my referral link. You will get approved as long as you never had a Sapphire card or 5 other cards in 24 months. Pay the $450 annual fee for the new account, get the $300 credit for travel, the 50k UR points for $750 in travel. Then product change your Freedom to a CSR for perpetual $300 travel credit. Then downgrade the other card to the freedom to continue to get 5x points on the rotating categories. Keep in mind you can transfer these points to the CSR to get 1.5 cents on flights for 7.5% cashback.

Hope this works out for a lot of you guys out there!


7 thoughts on “The Points Commander: The SCRA CSR/Freedom Switch-a-roo

  1. Dave says:

    Derp! Question for you: I know that AMEX will SCRA a wife’s card if you are an authorized user. Do you know if they will SCRA any card you are an authorized user on? Specifically a friend you have no relation to.

    • jackgopack4 says:

      was searching about this answer for Chase, but for AMEX, Yes. My girlfriend (with whom I share an address, nonetheless, but not a last name), is an AU on my Delta Reserve and I have not been charged an annual fee

      • uiucderp2011 says:

        I don’t think they charge a fee for an AU on the Delta Reserve. Unless you mean you are the active duty AU on your girlfriend’s (Not military) Delta Reserve.

        • jackgopack4 says:

          It’s my account with her as AU, and the delta reserve homepage says $175 for additional cards. I seem to recall that you could get a Delta Gold additional card free but can’t find the language online right now

          • uiucderp2011 says:

            Ah, not sure what the delta reserve AU gets you in terms of Delta bennifits. I never had a problem of adding AUs for free as the primary military card holder.

  2. jackgopack4 says:

    Do they waive 5/24 rule for product changes???

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