Barclaycard is Desperate For Our Attention

Since dropping their SCRA waivers, I have entirely forgotten about my relationship with Barclaycard as well as their Arrival+ product, However, Barclaycard does not want to be forgotten easily, and today I randomly got this package in the mail:

I wasn’t too excited, the luggage tag is just a metal tag with a nice stainless steel cable. It has a unique QR barcode that I won’t bother to activate online.

I don’t think this bank really knows what consumer’s want. It has gone from sending 24kt gold pens and having the $995 annual fee waived to cutting all SCRA waivers and sending out silly metal luggage tags. The overall impression even at r/churning that they are all but a joke of a bank. I would not be with Barclaycard anymore If it wasn’t for their latest Wyndham churn of 3 free nights on top of 3 more nights using the MasterPass 10k bonus churn.


3 thoughts on “Barclaycard is Desperate For Our Attention

  1. Jay says:

    How has the MLA impacted barclaycard’s take on annual fees on other cards besides the gold?

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