15.6% annualized ROI on DerpReport Portfolio

It has been half a year since I laid out my Schwab Churn. I took $15,000 and put it into Schwab’s One Source Mutual funds for a decent 15.7% annualized return!

Position Quantity Cost Per Total Today’s Price Today’s Worth
Cash 16 $1.00 $16.00 $1.00 $16.00
SGOL 13 $119.46 $1,552.98 $129.25 $1,680.25
PCY 200 $28.79 $5,758.00 $30.01 $6,002.00
SCHE 200 $24.20 $4,840.00 $27.16 $5,432.00
PUTW 100 $28.33 $2,833.00 $29.28 $2,928.00
 Cost $14,999.98  Value $16,058.25
% Return  7.8% Dividends $121.41
 Annualized  15.6% Totals $16,179.66

If you can recall I put in $12,275 of my own money into a new Schwab account, then I transferred 202,000 MR points at 1.25 cents per point for $2,525. I then got $100 for the new account bonus and another $100 for having $10,000 in the account. So in a way we can consider the $200 from the bonus and the $2,525 to be free money. Of the $12,275 invested I have $16,179.66 right now for a 31% return or a annualized 62% return! Sadly, you can only get away with this type of fraudulent accounting if you are a sweet old lady.

I am actually surprised by the result of this portfolio. How could gold and writing put options be up as well as foreign developing markets? It makes no sense at all, meanwhile if I had just bought $15,000 worth of AAPL I would be up $2,526.94 for a 16.85% return. This is not at all a perfect portfolio. I was wrong about American Equities being at the top of the market. You can pretty much use this calculator here and figure out any of the sexy stock companies would of out preformed my portfolio. I just didn’t have the balls to go all in on a single company. I will be sure to update this in 6 months when I can cash out the portfolio and keep my $200 bonus to buy my yacht (j/k).

Davey’s Yacht “YOLO”



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