Hilton Honors Surpass: 100k and free weekend night, No Annual Fee for AD!

I am kicking myself for not waiting for the highest offer ever for the HHonors Surpass from AmEx. Currently offering 100k points and a free anniversary night for $3k spend in 90 days. This offer was around earlier in the year, but quickly went away. I went ahead and had my wife apply for it to get some points to stay at either the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego or the newly renovated Waldorf Astoria New York in 2018. Please use this link here to apply to toss me some points.

The card has an excellent redemption of 12x HHonors points on Hilton Hotel spending. For example when I PCSed I was able to get tons of points at the Okinawa Hilton.

Keep in mind the annual fee is waived for Active Duty, so it’s a free hotel stay!


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