AmEx Charge Card Limit Reached?

Here is my collection of AmEx Charge cards:

  1. Personal Platinum
  2. Business Platinum
  3. Another Business Platinum
  4. Premier Rewards Gold
  5. Charles Schwab Platinum
  6. Morgan Stanley Platinum
  7. Mercedes-Benz Platinum

Since I have been doing the AU Churn I haven’t had a hard pull on my credit for the entire month of August! Why the hell not try to go for my 8th AmEx charge card as my August hard pull? I decided to apply for the Ameriprise AmEx Platnum just to get another $200 on Uber and another $200 on United Airlines every year. This would give me a total for $1,000 in Uber and $1,500 on United per year! There are good datapoints out there that a relationship with Ameriprise is not needed to get the card note the 25k offer is over).

Sadly, I applied here and got the above response. Not sure if I found the limit for charge cards is 7 or if they enforce the relationship with Ameriprise clause now (thinking about getting CostCo auto insurance form Ameriprise of that’s the case). I will check here or call the AmEx reconsideration backdoor number: 877-399-3083 to see if it ever gets approved.

Update: Success!

I called the recon line and they said to just wait 48 hours. I was approved without any relation to Ameriprise!



13 thoughts on “AmEx Charge Card Limit Reached?

  1. Dave says:

    The people want to know!

  2. Revanth Chada says:

    I just got the Amerprise approved with no problems.

  3. R says:

    I tried to apply for another Ameriprise AmEx Platinum but got the same message you did-“Your application is pending further review.” I also tried to get a new AmEx Platinum but I was declined. I think they might be on to me…

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Well they let me have two busisness platnums over different business names. I know that approach works well. I had hengold and upgraded to platinum, don’t forget about doing product changes!

  4. el_georgie says:

    I’m in a similar situation. Got the further review when I applied. Only 2 plats (Schwab & vanilla). Did you waited before calling or did you call right away?

  5. el_georgie says:

    So, I called the recon line and the lady told me that the system automatically cancelled the application because I applied and got approved for another personal plat (vanilla) last month. Said I could only have one personal plat, that I could apply for a business plat. I politely asked about being co-branded, that didn’t go far. I’m probably going to give it a few months and try again.

  6. uiucderp2011 says:

    I never opened a Ameriprise brokerage and was able to get both the platinum and gold version. I just hope get don’t crack down on the Ameriprise relationship requirement!

    Thanks for the info.

    • el_georgie says:

      The brokerage I opened was with Morgan Stanley, not ameriprise. Will skip ameriprise for now, trying to get another Plat before the calendar year ends. 😉

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