Marines’ Memorial Reciprocal Membership Clubs Part 2

This is a continuation of my report on visits to the clubs around the world included in my free membership at the Marines’ Memorial Club in San Francisco. Part one can be found here.

The Standard Club of Chicago (Aug 2017)

The Standard Club of Chicago is perhaps  one of the most friendly and inviting of all the clubs I have gone to. When you check in, just show your letter of introduction and Marine Memorial Card, you are then issued a temporary guest number that you link to any credit card. The temporary membership is open for a week with limitless renewal. I was able to join my O-4 friend for an actual non-liquid lunch in the main dining room.

The space is magnificent with just that overwhelming level of class you could only expect in a private club. Despite the grandeur, everyone was down to earth and vey personable. I was given the lady’s menu with no prices, where my guest was given the menu with prices, I guess the waiter assumed that he was the member.

They have a $20 lunch buffet, but I decided on the Broiled Lake Superior Whitefish ($19) which has been on the menu for over 100 years according to our waiter.

The fish came out without any delay, and was perfect, perfect temperature with an excellent crust. The creamed corn was nice hand hand cut, never had creamed corn not from a can. Just some of the best fish I have had in a while. The dessert was over the top as well:

Pretty much went overboard on food, I didn’t have to eat for the rest of the day. The rest of the club is a visual treat as well.

Certainly worth a visit for dinner before or after a show in the area.

The Union League Club of Chicago (Aug 2017)

I sent my Letter of Introduction a week before my visit and they already had my card waiting for me at the front desk. The reciprocal membership is limited to 4 one week visits per year, with a year defined as 12 months from the first visit. The Union League Club sits next to the historic Monadnock Building which is the tallest load bearing brick building in the world.

The day I stopped in they were filming an episode of Empire and the entire second floor was closed for filming. However I was able to sneak up there to see their Monet painting. The club has one of the largest private collection of art in the city. It was nice to check it out. They have a pretty amazing YouTube video on their collection.

I ended up doing a liquid lunch in their casual dining room called Rendezvous:

No cash exchanged, just sign and they charge the card on file. The main dining room was very impressive but I was a bit intimidated to dine there:

Maybe if I had a tuxedo on! The other floors were vey nicely appointed:

I wish I had more time to check it out. Overall it was a very impressive space, with a very friendly staff. Worth a visit just for the artwork alone.

More to come…

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