Use RH Link For Free Stocks

There is a pretty interesting podcast on Robin Hood here. I am kind of impressed that despite all the rejection, they got a pretty successful product to market. Regardless of how you feel about RobinHood, it is here to stay!

Right now if you use the link here you can get a free stock for yourself and send one to me!

Thanks to all those readers out there for the free shares by using my RH link here. Each reader got one share themselves ranging from CHK to ZNGA, no BRK-A yet. The catch is you got to hold on to the free company share for at least 2 days before selling, then wait a month to cash out. From the terms and rules:

Shares from stock bonuses cannot be sold until 2 trading days after the bonus is granted. The cash value of the stock bonus may not be withdrawn for 30 days after the bonus is claimed.

Enjoy the free trading in the meantime!

Now I don’t recommend you put $50,000 into this app like an idiot, but it is still a good service to  buy and sell very small amounts of stock just to play around. Also don’t forget to check out Stock Stream for stupid YOLO plays.


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