Still On: 5x Points With AmEx Biz Pt on

I awoke to this on my Membership Rewards account which was perplexing. Thankfully Travel with Grant had encountered this mystery bonus and had a good explanation. I am happy to report I finally got my 4x points on top of my 1x by booking a reward ticket on using my AmEx Biz Platinum, despite being accused of using an online agent for the booking (therefore not eligible for 5x).

After much bitching, they said because I had eventuality used MR points for the flight, I would never, ever, ever get the 4x points again. They were wrong, here is where we stand on data points so far:

Scenario Points Booked Applied 5x Bonus 50% Rebate
Book with $ then Apply MR(1 wk) 11,820 8-Jul 17-Jul 16-Aug ?
Book with MR on Personal 24,820 3-Jul MR @ Book 4-Aug 35%:3-Aug


Book with $ then Apply MR (1 mo) 65,038 14-Jun 17-Jul 5x: 1-Aug


28-Aug, had to manually call and demand
Book with MR on Personal 111,986 28-May MR @ Book 28-May 28-Jun
Book with MR on Personal 30,640 23-Jul-17 MR @ Book Sept State 35%: 23Aug

If you can recall I was told by customer service that I could not, and would not be able to double dip the 5x and 50% benefits. However there is no written instruction in this prohibition. Turns out no one knows what the fuck is going on over there on the CSR line. Many reports of this on reddit and flyertalk as well.

We are doing this complicated redemption of MR points for flights to get 2.22 cents per point and eventually 1.67 cents per point. We know now both methods of booking with a personal card linked to the business account or even booking with the business card, and then applying points later triggers both the 5x and 50%. Unfortunately it takes over 31 days for the 5x depending on statement close, and it takes 31 days for 35%, then another two damn weeks on top for the remaining 15%. We are getting kind of screwed here in time decay for points value! We could always transfer the points at 1.25 cents per point to Schwab for some YOLO trades in the two months we wait for the bonus. Not something I recommend doing!

Better use of points is using transfer partners, and this is becoming more clear each day. I would suggest taking advantage of the current 40% bonus for 1:1.4 transfers to Avios for short haul American Airlines flights. I am getting pretty close to giving up on this “bonus” as they made it so needlessly complicated!

Update: The whole system is pretty fucked, they credited 1x points for my Biz Plat then immediately took them back! They had already given me 5x points, but I guess 6x is where they draw the line! This is using the book on Biz Plat, then get 5x, then pay with points to cancel the charge to get 50% back, still havent gotten the 50% back yet.

On the upside looks like they finally got me all the points using the book on Personal Plat, and then hope the linked Biz Plat gets you 50% back!

so if you are willing to wait a tenth of a year for your points to come back, then this method will yield 2.2 cents per MR point for first class tickets or the airline you choose.

37 days is a long time! I would rather transfer to Avios with the 40% bonus to get 2.2 cents per point without the wait.

Update: Charges to the AmEx Plat Biz show up as a 4x TLS credit exactly 39 days after the cash charge:

No word on the 50% back yet


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