Re-Eval of AmEx Everyday Preferred

Right now get 20K MR points worth $440 in flights for $1,000 spend on the AmEx ERP card. Please use the link here.

I reported that 1 MR point is worth 2.2 cents for flights when used in combination with the 5x and 50% points double dip if you have the Business & Personal Platinum. This has not been shut down, simply slowed down to getting your 50% in 31 days instead of next day like before. Even if you were not grandfathered into the 50% points back, we have a valuation of 1.6 cents for flights per point using this method.

In another post I broke down the spend categories if you hit 30 uses a month you get 50% more points on ERP. In the view of cashback this card becomes more lucrative than the BCP for groceries. We enter the 2.22 cents for 50% Grandfathered Busisness bonus, 1.67 cents for the 35% Business bonus, and 1.25 cents per point for Schwab transfer:

Category MR Points 50% Points 35% Points Schwab
Groceries 4.5x 9.9% 7.5% 5.6%
Gas 3x 6.6% 5% 3.75%
Everything 1.5x 3.3% 2.5% 1.90%

You can now see this is the most amazing cash back card, even with Schwab! Get your today, and make sure you use the link here.


One thought on “Re-Eval of AmEx Everyday Preferred

  1. C says:

    Do you have a referral link for the $200 back Blue Cash Preferred? I saw there was an offer for that on my AmEx page, but your link just posts to the $150 cash back offer. Thanks!

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