FoundersCard Working Hard For Derp Report

So just hours after posting my honest assessment of FoundersCard I get a immediate customer service response, and an unexpected uptick in traffic. I had a gripe of how I was unable to get AAdvantage Platinum for the year as mentioned by Meb Faber in  his podcast (thanks for the phone call last week by the way). I emailed FoundersCard and I got this response:

The AA Platinum Status Challenge through FoundersCard is unique in that participants would receive Platinum status during the Challenge while they are trying to earn it on their own. Also there is no additional fee to AA to participate, it’s included in the cost of FC Membership as a benefit.

The Platinum Status Challenge closed for enrollment several months ago, but I’m sorry if there was any confusion! The benefit page was available on our site so the members enrolled in the Challenge could view the terms while they participated. The Challenge was during the 2nd quarter for 3 months from April 14th through July 14th. Each quarter the AA benefit changes to be something different- this quarter it’s with their AirPass program to prepay for flights for the year. We tend to offer 1-2 Platinum Status Challenges per year so you will likely see another one soon.

Then things started to turn good, the TR Diamond status went through instantly which I matched to my Wyndham Status. I had initially gotten the Platinum Wyndham form the Barclay Card along with three free nights. This time I got the Diamond from Total Rewards to match back to Diamond for Wyndham. Now I get the following benefits for Wyndham and Total Rewards:

  • $100 Celebration Dinner
  • No Resort Fees at TR (Caesars and Harrahs) hotels
  • Free Local Experience at Wyndham Hotels

  • Suite Upgrades for Wyndham
  • Diamond Casino Lounges
  • Welcome Amenity
  • Free Parking at TR hotels
  • and others all outlined at TPG

I also got a reminder from the concierge of an offer of $200 off $500 at MR Porter. I initially scoffed at the offer since many of the items are ridiculous baller shit that I would never buy:

The $790 Gucci Sneakers were outside my budget for stupid shit, so was this:

Yes a $605 checkered cotton blazer was out of the question. After browsing some more I found this little gem:

It is a Scottish made super radio that has FM, DAB+, Bluetooth, and internet radio. Nice looking radio in a wood case emulating the styled of the 1960s. I had to verify it wasn’t marked up too high. Amazon has it for $51 cheaper:With the $200 off $500 this would make the radio cheaper than! I then added some t-shirts and hand salve to get the total to $501. For $300 I then get a $400 radio and 3 Hugo Boss Shirts and C.O. Bigelow hand repair.

The total became $532.30 with tax, they subtracted the $21.35 for overnight shipping and applied the $200 credit for a grand total of $332.30. Now on ebay these things are going for $500 at the buy it now price if I wanted to complete the churn. I didn’t want to pull the old Rick and Morty arbitrage here, and might just use the damn thing since it is pretty useful.

There was just a bit of info out there on the Revo radio, from the manufacture. There is this one bit here in cantonese. The radio will look nice in the living room, and the functionality is nice with over 16,000 internet radio stations, get some Hong Kong radio stations in the house for some full immersion language learning. I am going to pair it up to my Sprint Phone for free internet radio everywhere!

So maybe I was premature to judge FoundersCard, after this Total Rewards Diamond as well as $200 from MR Porter, I am beyond ahead for the $590 for two years at $295 a year. I certainly don’t have as much value as the $4,000 that TPG has gotten out of the card, yet.

I guess if I decide to live in Vegas and hit Caesars to see Calvin Harris every weekend I could max out the benefits form the card like Brian. I don’t think my two kids or wife would appreciate that!



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